January 5th, 2008:  know how i know christmas is over?

I have to take down the lights.  You know, the ones we weren’t exactly allowed to put up in the first place?  Yeah, those ones.  S’okay though, ’cause I’m sure the nails will come out easily.  Without causing the entire house to blow up.

It was a pretty amazing Christmas season, actually.  It all started with a trip to NY over Thanksgiving (yes, I consider Thanksgiving part of Christmas), then Amanda was here for a few days and we made a gingerbread house that is still mostly standing, then we put up Christmas lights on our house, then we paid a ridiculously large heating bill, then Mer, Mike, and Matt came up, stayed the night, picked up Josh, then everyone went home for Christmas, then I got five days off of works (both of them) to go home, we had our traditional Christmas Eve bash at the Gilman’s, I spent Christmas morning with my family, drove back to Spokane that night so I could be at the GAP at 6am the 26th,  hung out at my Grandma’s later that day, tried to punch a hole in the roof of the gingerbread house and succeeded in giving myself a spectacular bruise, then go the hammer out to annihilate the gingerbread house, made a huge mess, saw the newly engaged Lisa and Bryan, hung out all day with them, had a nerf/giggle fight with Bryan (he did most of the giggling), worked that weekend at the station (which I always love), Paul came up for a couple days, had New Years Eve in the TC’s, and came back to Spokane New Years Day.  All in all, it was a successful Christmas season in which I spent a lot of quality time with my family, was completely humbled by my Christmas gift this year, saw many good friends, and played my first full game of Monopoly ever.  And I won.  And it was awesome.

Now I have to go take down those lights.  *le sigh*

January 17th, 2008:  ohhhhh I’m a temp, temp, TEMMMMMP!

As the next step in achieving my life’s goal of becoming Tina Fey, I have taken up a temping position at a local insurance agency. As of today I am officially a temp. Like Ryan Howard. Only not a jerk-face butt-head. And I haven’t met the real boss yet so I don’t know if he’s like Michael Scott.

Also, I thought I’d get a head start on this year’s Bloomsday training so I’ve joined OZ Fitness. One of the benefits of being an employee at RiverPark Square means I get a corporate discount at the workout facility. “Will you be able to afford it?” said Grammy Trissie, “we’ll find out!!” I replied. I love working out because the smells remind me of the blissful days spent at the Y in Minneapolis.

Hmmm, it’s time for small group now… I’m off.

January 23rd, 2008:  baby it’s cold outside

Ok. First off. The main boss at my temp job is NOT like Michael Scott at all. How disappointing.
Second off. Three jobs + Sickness = Not great.

BUT it’s Seattle this weekend, so, obviously my life is awesome. Also, “Wicked” has officially been my longest musical obsession. I just started listening to “The Wizard and I” and LOVE it. I listened to “Defying Gravity” and “Popular” for like five months before I didn’t get bored with them and started listening to Rent obsessively as well. But now, it’s a new year and I’m totally back into “Wicked.” Idina Menzel’s new CD comes out at the end of this month, that’s pretty great… I’m not a huge pop fan, but I sure do like her voice. I hope Lori wants to sing karaoke all the way to Seattle. ‘Cause I do.

In other news, I have high hopes the WGA strike will come to an end soon. Informal talks resume this week, and then… negotiations…?! I heard the WGA is withdrawing their deals on reality tv so hopefully the AMPTP won’t get all angerified and give in a little. I hate reality tv. So much. And if the strike ends?! Five more episodes of “The Office” this season?! Honestly, I don’t care about “The Office” anymore though. Jim and Pam are together. It can end the way it is. Liz Lemon, on the other hand, has no significant other at the moment. So. That needs to be finished. Also, is Aunt Lilly REALLY Chuck’s Mom?!?! Ohhh, so many questions.

Finally, https://twitter.com/rochellemaureen.

January 28th, 2008:  most depressing thing ever

My loyal friend. My faithful side-kick. My ever devoted and loving iPod has finally bit the dust. It’s been a sad year for the electronics in my life. First my near-10,000 picture SD200 was suffocated, then 20GB click-wheel eats it as well. I will say that three years and one month is a long life for an iPod though. I’m still friends with Apple. Maybe Steve will read this, feel bad, and send me his custom 160GB iPod touch… I know he’s holding out on all of us, just because he can.

I got to see most of my girlies this weekend. That was pretty cool. Know what’s not pretty cool? The weather. I-90 between Ritzville and Spokane is basically one gigantic sheet of ice. It’s got to be at least 2″ thick in most spots. I’ll be honest, I thought Lori’s car was going to fall apart once we got close to Cheney. Know what else made it a tough drive? My dead iPod and the lack of karaoke “Wicked” songs. Life is so hard.

Anyway, the friendlies. I miss our sleep-overs. They really need to happen more often. Also, it was very difficult to be on Nickerson and not turn up 6th. Also difficult, not seeing a lot of other people. But I will be satisfied with the fact that I got to see almost all the girls this weekend, even Lisa! Her flight was canceled Sunday so she and Bryan came over and we ate a huge pizza. And talked about how the iPhone sucks. I was only saying such things because I don’t have one. Bryan was saying such things because he does have one.

Back to the weather. It is so out of control here. There is most definitely more than a foot of snow out our front door right now. I’m going to guess about 15″. Possibly more. I am not used to such conditions. Seattle has spoiled me. In Seattle, I’d laugh at people when they’d complain about driving in the snow… not so much over here though. It’s basically murder. This morning, actually no wait… last night I dug out around my car so that I wouldn’t have to do it this morning on the way to my temp job, right? It took forever and the base layer of “snow” last night was actually slush so it was super heavy to shovel. This morning I went out, turned on the car (UN-locking the doors), let it heat up while I scraped the windows. I get in, turn off the music so I can hear my engine, and put it in first. Then in reverse. Then in first. Then in reverse. Then in first. Then in reverse. Then I was like, “God, I believe you are saving me from some tragic accident on the highway right now so I’m ok with the fact that my car is stuck.” Put it in first. Then reverse. Then first. Then reverse. THEN some totally awesome/amazing/good Samaritan people pulled up next to me, dug a short path, and gave me a push out. Then they disappeared with a flash of heavenly light. No, just kidding. But they DID get me out of my spot and I only ended up being ten minutes late to work.

January 29th, 2008:  a day in the life of a temp

This post is a representation of my failure to come up with original ideas. So, I have borrowed from Josiah Miller.

6:48am – Wake Up
7:05am – Download new Idina Menzel CD.
7:15am – Eat banana.
7:30am – Car covered in 2″ of new snow.
7:35am – Car scraped, on my way.
7:55am – Arrive at Cochrane. Snowing.
8:15am – Voicemails checked, email update sent. Still snowing.
8:45am – Realize arms are sore after lifting 5 reams of paper. Probably from the shoveling last night.
9:14m – Snowing.
9:17am – Russian tea is cold.
9:20am – I’m cold.
9:28am – Made a joke. People laughed.
9:30am – Some sort of conference going on in the room behind me. They’re loud.
9:50am – Snowing hard. Wind blowing.
9:53am – Remembering to friend Rachel Yoke on Facebook.
9:59am – Some guy called. He calls a lot. Asked me who I am in the company picture. I told him I’m the temp. He said that’s too bad because I have a nice voice and am attentive. I said thank you. Eat that, Pam!!
10:00am – It’s 10:00!!!
10:18am – Still snowing.
10:23am – Hate it when 5 lines ring at once.
10:30am – Near dosing off. Need to get coffee at lunch, but am afraid of the weather!
10:49am – Am thinking Grande NF 1/2V 1/2P Latte.
10:51am – Wondering whats going on at the GAP.
11:01am – It’s 11:01!!! Still snowing.
11:12am – Thought up another great post idea.
11:25am – Getting nervous about driving again. But I want a coffee! Am I stupid?
11:30am – Half hour to go… what do I do?! Call Mom.
11:32am – No one is here to cover me so I can go to the bathroom. Crap.
11:35am – Just found out this is the worst snow storm Spokane has had since 1993. And it is the first time in 20 years that the schools have closed because of weather.
11:36am – Just found out Paul’s deli is closing. His life is so hard.
12:00pm – LUNCH!!!!
1:00pm – Back from lunch.
1:14pm – Makin’ labels.
1:43pm – Rumor begins to float they’ll let us go home early.
1:44pm – Still snowing.
2:43pm – Holy crap! It’s 2:43! Not snowing.
3:27pm – Did a few policies. Only an hour left!
3:28pm – Had to have someone re-heat my coffee. Good old Starbucks.
3:41pm – Management has approved jeans for the rest of the week!! This is great because I only got one new pair of dress pants at the GAP Outlet this past weekend.
4:02pm – “Now it’s like a half an hour left! Thats just one ‘Adventures in Odyssey’!” [Thanks, Paul]
4:06pm – Someone is using my printer.
4:15pm – OMG, 15 more minutes!!!
4:30pm – Rejoicing.
4:49pm – Back home, de-slushing car wheels.
4:53pm – Defrosting feet.
5:00pm – Updating blog.
5:21pm – Done updating.

January 30th, 2008:  a blog of addictions: things i love and the people responsible for them

This will be the first installment in a series of unknown length on the obsessions I have in my life.

(Also, I am aware that this section of my site is the blog, and that what I’m writing right now is in fact a “post” not a “blog,” but blog sounded better in the title.)

1. Addiction: Harry Potter – Responsible Party: Megan Hopp

I used to hate HP. It got big in 1999/2000 when my sister was in the fourth grade. Her teacher (who I also had in the fourth grade, she read us the Little House books) read Harry Potter to my sister’s class at lunch time. Meg would come home talking about HP, and being the loving, nurturing older sibling that I am… I would berate her and call her love of such fiction childish and immature. Also, I told her they were from the devil since I am such a good Christian and know that magic is evil. I also made fun of the fact that once her class had finished Philosopher’s Stone, she wouldn’t shower without Mom standing there in the bathroom too because the image of Voldemort at the end of the book scared her so badly. See, evil.

Then one day I got bored. So I read book one. Then a day and a half later I was done with Prisoner of Azkaban. Thankfully, Goblet of Fire came out that June so I didn’t start going through withdrawals/making Mugglenet my homepage/reading fan-fiction until a day after that. It was a long wait until Order of the Phoenix in June of 2003. I read that one on a ministry trip to Montana right after I had graduated from high school. Longer still, the wait for Half-Blood Prince. That was the summer after sophomore year at SPU. I even had the countdown widget for that.
I saw Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets eleven times in the theater. Was disappointed along with so many other die-hard fans when Prisoner of Azkaban came out all dark and creepy (don’t worry, I love it now), fell in love with Robert Pattenson in Goblet of Fire, and found out Daniel Radcliffe can actually act in Order of the Phoenix.

And yes, I read the illegal copy of Deathly Hallows the week before the book was officially released. Every. Single. Blurry. Digital. Photoed. Page. Of. It. My eyes burned by the time I had reached the 759th page. It was so worth it.

Now I am left to wallow in a Harry Potter-less world, devoid of new adventures with Ron, Hermione, and Harry.

Thanks a lot, Megan.

2. Addiction: Macintosh Computers – Responsible Party: Paul Miller, Christine Sanguinet, Mark Downey, and many others.

It was Paul’s fault first. Give credit where credit is due.

Back in high school, Paul would literally waltz into Humphrey’s government class with his now old-school, sleek and sexy, black PowerBook. I admired the little white apple that lit up. That same year, I had my first encounter with iMovie. My Aunt Christine had given her old iMac G3 to Grammy Trissie, and I had some video to edit so I used that little red apple. It was super slow for editing though, so Aunt Keen let me use her iBook. Half her hard drive later, I was hooked. And it only took me three years before I owned my very first Mac. Compliments of Uncle Mark. He got a new MacBook Pro and gave me his old titanium PowerBook. It still works like a charm, I’ll have you know. Three months after that, I bought my own iMac. I’ve had an iPod for years. But owning an iPod does not make you a Mac user. In fact, even though I’ve been all Mac for over a year now I still feel like a poser. Maybe it’s the fanboy in me. Who knows.

February 4th, 2008:  why indie films have ruined everything forever

Indie films have destroyed the romantic comedy genre.

Here is why: Back in the day, all it took was Meg Ryan, Tom Hanks, an exploding island, and orange pop to make a good romantic comedy. The main elements of quality were mostly good looking male and female leads, a ridiculous plot, and (again) an exploding island… or email. They were happy stories, with upbeat music, and unrealistic drama.

But ever since all these USC and Berkeley grads got it in their heads that they could make movies too, everything went to crap. All of the sudden there are these movies that are a lot more similar to real life, with super depressing plots that may or may not end up happy for the main character. If I wanted to see a movie about real life, I’d pay more attention to whats going on in mine.

Nowadays all the romantic comedies have all these dark elements in them. Like I just watched 27 Dresses because I’m mostly in love with Jimmy Marsden, and it was totally fine until the main character went and ruined her life and her sister’s life (which, yes, I know ended up being ok). The point is, why does there have to be any tragically and horribly awkward situations in these movies at all? Romantic comedies are supposed to be HAPPY. Also, (I’m not insulting this movie, Michelle) in The Family Stone the main girl makes some seriously twisted mistakes which I find very unbelievable (in a sort of ‘who does that?!’ sort of way).

I guess what I’m really trying to say is that indie films have introduced entirely to much angst into the film world and because so many indie films are wildly pop-U-lar, they’ve forced romantic comedies by the big studios into thinking that they have to be all serious too which doesn’t work because it’s against the point of a romantic comedy to be serious. I just had to get that off my chest. I think I’ll go watch Sleepless in Seattle to remind myself of the good old days.

February 5th, 2008:  thin’s i love: con’t

I’ve decided to skip all those millions of other things I hold so dear and go straight for the main show (pun intended).


I have my sister, and my sister alone, to thank for this one. I’d heard about Wicked years ago because how could you not? Arguably the biggest Broadway Musical of 2004 (I say ‘arguably’ because technically Avenue Q won the Tony that year for best musical, but I’m not bitter because that show rokks too), BOTH it’s main stars were nominated for best actress at the Tony’s that year, and one of them won. Hard to ignore that kind of success. The thing is, I never really took the time to listen until last August when Megan was blasting “Popular” in her bedroom one hot summer day… actually, it may have been “Defying Gravity,” but I’m gonna go with “Popular” because we had this conversation one day about who each of us would rather play if we were in the show and Megan said G(a)linda because she’s more fun and Elphaba is too much the main star. I thought for sure she would say Elphaba, because she’s all misunderstood and stuff, but apparently Megan is a lot more girlie than I give her credit for. SO ANYWAY, she was listening to Wicked and I was like, “Wait. I have to have this.” So I got it. And I haven’t stopped listening to it since. First I was all about “Defying Gravity” because WHO SINGS LIKE THAT?!? And then I was like, no way, Kristin Chenoweth is totally my hero so I only listened to “Popular” for about a month.

Then I moved to Spokane and forced Lori to listen to Wicked all the time too. Then I got the karaoke versions of the songs and made her sing along with me. We’re actually really good, we even recorded “What is this Feeling?” one time. It was awesome. And by awesome I mean awesome.

I was really relieved when I went to NY and Broadway was closed for the stagehand strike because I didn’t have to decide if I was going to go see Wicked or not. Here’s the thing, I am very much a purist when it comes to stuff like this and I don’t have much of a desire to see the show live if it’s not Kristin Chenoweth and Idina Menzel. So since that’s not going to happen, I don’t know that I’ll actually see the show live. Maybe if I knew someone in it I’d see it. New goal: Meet people. I’m still holding out that even though Kristin and Idina are in their late 30’s and the show is about two girls that meet in college, they’ll still use the originals when they make a film version. Which they HAVE to do. Until then, I shall content myself with youtube videos of Idina Menzel’s acceptance speech, the Today Show version of “Popular,” and Raul Esparza’s version of “Defying Gravity.”

Megan, I really do thank you for this one. I would have nothing good on my shuffle right now if it weren’t for you. And that would make for some very boring sessions at OZ. Haha, not like “The Wizard of,” more like the gym.

February 27th, 2008:  nerf guns are teh awesome

Maverick Rev-6. Any and all are welcome to our home, and should be prepared for a firestorm of microdarts in the face. Well, not really. Except yes, really, because Lori aims for the face. I’d like to take a moment to thank my friend Erik Dunham for his Christmas gift to me last year. They’ve become handy in target practice.

March 7th, 2008:  “praise the Lord, oh my soul!”

It has happened again.

There was a time in my life (Fall of 2006 to be specific) when everything was perfect and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ had never reached such great heights. I honestly woke up every single day from September 23rd to Christmas Eve in a perpetual state of happiness and fulfillment. There were many contributing factors that were all answers to years of prayer… I had infinity billion (6) best friends I loved, I was a senior in college and done with my major, I was “dating” someone, I had a church and small group, and I didn’t hate Subway anymore and in fact enjoyed going to work, although still referred to it lovingly as “subcrap”. I can’t exactly explain what those short months felt like, but happiness isn’t exactly it. I had prayed for years for so many things I wanted, and a lot of them were answered during those months so it felt like a mixture of God rewarding me/the desires of my heart lining up with God’s desires for my life. It was awes.

Then Christmas Eve 2006 happened, and I realized I was halfway through my last school-related vacation. Once I realized this I started to panic and had serious anxiety about the future. There were some seriously fantastic distractions between then and now… like my road trip with Grammy and the amazing time I spent with Aunt Keen and Uncle Mark, but up until about a week and a half ago I have still felt on edge about life and faith.

Tonight though, it all came back. I can’t stop smiling, I can’t stop from feeling like I’ve got Dutch Brothers hooked up to my veins, and I can’t stop thanking the Lord. The best part is, unlike last time, my life is not perfect… so I think it’s more legit.

Things that are not perfect: I still think I should be an amazing singer and have a role written for me in a show I can originate on Broadway opposite Kristin Chenoweth throughout the duration of which we become best friends and she gets me a guest starring role on Pushing Daisies for which I eventually win an Emmy and therefore get to meet Tina Fey at an after party. The thing is… those who really know me (and are most definitely the only ones reading this) understand that I have thought about this plan at least twice in the last week. I have three jobs now, totaling about 60 hours a week. I have friendships that have suffered greatly and have begun to lose hope that the issues there will ever be resolved.

Things that are perfect: Many, many new friends. A wonderful church/church family. THREE jobs!!!!! That I LOVE!!!!! (Yes, I am ignoring the impending day of burnout.) A car that’s totally hot and gets pretty great gas mileage. A sister nearby whom I love very much. And of course, the return of 30 Rock and The Office April 10th.

I ran into Saige at the gym tonight. I just love her. We stood in front of the ellipticals and talked for about 30 minutes, and I got to meet her husband finally!

Here’s the thing: There are so many other situations I had and could still imagine for my life. So many other things I’d like to do. But there seems to be a reason for being here, right now. And I am glad to know there is a point. God has a point. It’s very good to know that God has a point. Now I’m going to go lay in my bed and be happy until I fall asleep, and then I intend to dream about happy things.

March 19th, 2008:  that’s what she said

“So, I thought of a baby name if ever I have a daughter… and I just want to throw it out there so no one else takes it before I can.”
“Ummm *hesitation in voice* okayyyyy…”
“Don’t worry, I don’t think you’ll want it anyway.”
“Reagan. Because it’s like Rochelle and Megan. And I’m thinking Michelle as a middle name, because then it’s like all three of us in one name!”
“Yeah! And I’m in there a little bit… wait, no… BAAAAAAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHA!!!”

Oh Lisa, you make me smile.

March 22nd, 2008:  radi-oh!

A few quick mentions before I get to the beef:
1.  I graduated college one year ago on the 16th of March.
2.  I got my first paper cut at PNWT this week, on Thursday and it hurt like a jag.
3.  Enchanted came in the mail yesterday, and I am very excited about that.

Right now I’m at the station getting ready to do a live broadcast with Chris as he’s out at Mt. Spokane Church taking preliminary interviews before ‘The Great Hunt for Jesus!’
Chris and I will be broadcasting live during the noon hour, then I’ll be headed out from the station to join him on location to hand out program guides and talk about the ministry of KMBI… and hopefully I’ll find an egg.

In addition, I am very much getting into the ministry of the Moody Broadcasting Network.  Two of my favorite programs currently are “Talking it Over” with Janet Parshall, and “Midday Connection” with Anita Lustria and Melinda Schmidt.  I met Melinda Schmidt last week during Share!  Very.  Exciting.  Also exciting, my roommate’s Grandpa is Ranger Bill.  And Ranger Bill will ALWAYS be my top pick of all programs Moody has ever or will ever broadcast.

I’m not at all sad I went to SPU, but it would’ve been pretty amazing to have gone to Moody too.  Especially working for them now.  It’s almost like a clique, except not at all.  I just wish I had the @moody.edu email address so I could be as cool as Jodi and Rich.  And Chris.  And Derek.  And Gordy. …

Updates to follow.

March 22nd, 2008:  radi-oh-oh-OHHHH!

Ok.  That was awesome.

I should preface with a story about how the morning went…

I got to the station at 5:45am instead of my normal 5:30am, just because I was super tired and being slow.  I forgot I had someone shadowing me this weekend too, and he got there before me.  My bad.  Anyway, I checked my box and headed back to the control room where the FM alarm was going off, but I have no idea why because the FM was working just fine.  Not working just fine?  The Audio Vault program we use on weekends to manage and broadcast programs and music.  During the week the guys use a program called RCS, but we haven’t made the final switch on weekends yet.  So, AV isn’t working and my natural instinct is to panic.  Actually no, my natural instinct is to call Shelly (which I did, but she didn’t answer the first time).  So after leaving Shelly a message and not panicking, I just left the board running RCS which THANKFULLY Chris had programmed a lineup for Saturdays into.  Shelly called me back about 15 minutes into the 6 o’clock hour and gave me some pointers on running RCS which were extremely helpful and the rest of the music hour went off mostly ok.  After the music hour its all programs until 11:00am.  I got a hold of Rich at about 8am and he instructed me on how to go about fixing AV (and it worked!).  The only other major problem was at 8:27am when “Adventures in Odyssey” is supposed to start playing (I was still running RCS at this point), RCS played what was labeled “Odyssey” but was actually “Money Matters.”  People take their Odyssey very seriously and it is the one thing you CANNOT mess up on during the weekend or your WILL get calls.  Since Rich had told me how to get AV back up I just interrupted “Money Matters” with a, “sorry about that, technical difficulties,” and switched to AV and Odyssey.  Got the whole program to play in time, too.  After that it was smooth sailing because Janet Parshall has never let me down (she plays from 9am to 11am).

Ok, now the fun part:

During the noon music hour today Chris was on location at Mt. Spokane Church taking interviews and talking up Easter with the hundreds of people in attendance for ‘The Great Hunt for Jesus!’

At about 11:58am Chris called into the station where I was dutifully waiting and I patched the phone call through to the board and was able to chat with Chris back and forth through the board without going to air.  I played music and would let Chris know how much time he had before the end of a song before he could begin an interview with an event attendee.  So as Steven Curtis Chapman is wrapping up I back announce, then introduce Chris, and Chris introduces whoever he’s interviewing.  Once Chris was done with an interview he’d say something like, “back to you Rochelle,” and I’d say “thanks, Chris!” and announce the next song on the play list.  We did this back and forth for a little over half an hour, then I set the board in switcher and headed out to Mead to meet up with Chris.  At the event we passed out station guides, had people sign up for a raffle, and talked with listeners.  It’s so wonderful to hear people’s different experiences with the station, and actually not just the station, but the messages we broadcast.  This station has such an impact on the community, and it’s truly humbling to be a part of it.

Today was officially the best radio day I’ve ever had.

March 23rd, 2008:  happy easter!

Ok ok ok… so, I am sad that I didn’t get to color with Amelia this year, or drink any Premium, but it was still a good Easter Sunday.

The family met up at Grammy Trissie’s house for lunch this afternoon. It was me, Mom, Dad, Megan, Grammy, Uncle’s Bill and Bob, and Grammy GG.  Also, I got two Fraggle Rock DVD’s in my Easter basket.

Off to dance my cares away.

March 26th, 2008: news

New site design over at josiahmiller.com.  Check it.

April 11th, 2008:  a post

SO many new things to discuss.  Life has been hectic in a way that can only be described as… FAN-freaking-TASTIC!

Let us first discuss the newest in my line up of occupations:  Pacific Northwest Title.

I am Pam.  Essentially what I handle is reception, and in that sense my job isn’t different from any receptionist position in America.  However, I do open escrow orders (whatever that means) so there is variety through-out the day and that is the one way that Pam and I are not the same.  Her job is boring.  Mine isn’t.

Also, we have no Michael Scott.  This was somewhat of a disappointment to me, because it would make for some amazing posts to have such a boss, but alas, all I have to work with as far as authority goes is an incredibly smart, good-looking, and sound-minded woman.  Yes, my life is hard.

Our office is full of ladies, and I think there are two or three dudes downstairs.  I really couldn’t have asked for a more perfect blessing than this job.  Here is why:  1. Leslie recommended me, so that means I get to see her from time to time since she works here too!  2.  Everyone here has been super nice from the beginning, and now I am fairly confident that after six weeks I know they all actually ARE nice and not just putting on a good show for me :)  3.  There are other Christians here (!!!) and we are meeting each other Monday mornings before work.  Starting Tuesday.

Gap continues to be a solid secondary form of income, and an even better outlet for disbursing that income.   Seriously, we got the cutest line of clothes in on Tuesday and I couldn’t resist a couple of new things.  I’ll be back tomorrow night to restock and resupply the sales floor.  LRT to the rescue!!

And last, but certainly not least (dumb saying)… KMBI has officially earned a place in my heart as my Spokane family.  Those people are just great.  Last night we had a sort of “meet-and-greet” gathering to welcome the potential new-hire and at every continued get-together of KMBI staff I get teased more and more.  Which I take as being loved, blindly or otherwise.  Also, I am a part of “Team KMBI” during Bloomsday this year.  We’re manning the first water-station (not me, just KMBI in general).  If you are from the area and do not wish to run the morning of May 4th and have nothing better to do (and lets face, what better thing to do IS there aside from running?) at 7:00am, you should come on down and help pass out water to some 40,000+ runners.  It promises to be a good time, and you may even get one of Rich’s kripsy kremes that he likes to hand out so much.

I heard KMBI has a new logo coming out soon.  I told Jodi I want all of KMBI’s old letterhead.  And the huge sign that’s in the control room.  For posterity.

In other, non-work related news…

30 Rock is back on TV and the theme song is now my ringtone.  Yay, Tina!

Turns out Mary Tyler Moore is still one of my heros and my current love of 30 Rock and Tina Fey’s character, Liz Lemon, makes even more sense to me in light of the fact that I loved “The Mary Tyler Moore Show” when it was on Nick at Nite.  I still love “The Mary Tyler Moore Show”.  Thank you, Hulu.

April 19th, 2008:  who’s stoked?!

Ummm, me.

So.  While I was radio-ing this morning Chris was in the studio too and he kindly informed me that I am a part of Team KMBI this year.   I’m not gonna lie, I’m pretty stoked.  Not just to be a part of Team KMBI, but also because all the girlies are coming out for the weekend, I got off work Friday a couple hours early to be pickin’ up peeps from the airport, AND Chris invited me to join him and Derek for Daybreak on Wednesday to talk about Bloomsday and how fantastic it is!   Wednesday morning, 7-ish.  Also, we have listeners all the way in New York City!  Can you believe that?!  One of them even joined Team KMBI.  So hardcore.

Also, starting Monday KMBI is going to be reading the Bible in 90 days.  I thought this was pretty cool so I’m planning to join the challenge.  The station has a blog set up where staffers will share their thoughts and insights, and where listeners can contribute as well!  It’s a pretty cool idea, and I hope people decided to try it too.  It ends up being about 12 pages a day, which when you think about it isn’t to bad.  For example, I read Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in one day (granted, I did nothing else that day) which is 800+ pages.  It seems to be an attainable, yet challenging goal.  I’ll let you know (Mom) how that works out.

Tomorrow is Race for the Cure.  I’ve had Melissa Etheridge stuck in my head all week because of it, but I’m still excited.  Grammy Trissie, I salute you!!

May 5th, 2008:  bloomsdayofalldays 2008

For most of the world the beginning and end of a year revolve around January 1st and December 31st.  For me, it all begins and ends with the first weekend in May.

Bloomsday is always the first Sunday in May and is one of the largest national foot races with over 40,000 runners every year.  It is a 12k (7.46m) timed foot race hosted by the City of Spokane.  The course begins in downtown Spokane on Riverside and heads to the northwest part of town looping out around Fort Wright, Spokane Falls Community College, up Doomsday Hill, through West Central neighborhood, and ends (now) on the Monroe Street Bridge.  The winning (and record setting) time this year was 33 minutes and 51 seconds.  He barely beat me.  Know who else barely beat me?  Rob.  Only by 50 seconds this year instead of five minutes.  The gap is closing with each passing year, and one of these Bloomsdays I will be the first Hopp to cross the finish line.

Bloomsday weekend is now a tradition for myself and the SOS.  Since our freshman year in college we have been running Bloomsday together.  It will be our annual meeting time for years to come, until we are finally that group of old ladies you see wearing overly-large and unfashionable sunglasses with our sun-visors on and fanny-packs packed walking around together and all talking over one another.  Even then, we will still do Bloomsday.  Hopefully we’ll still be making our videos, too.

Here is my history of Bloomsday:

As a high schooler I remember every year wishing I could run it, but was never able to because Bloomsday weekend was generally the weekend before track regionals and our coach wanted us well rested for the meet instead of participating in a fun run.

In college, I met Lori who is from Spokane and her family hosted our group of friends for the 2004 Bloomsday.  Only Lori had run it before, and it was quite an experience for each of us.  The t-shirts that year were white.  Dad and I had a bit of a competition going between us then as to who would beat the other.  I figured I had the upper-hand as an 18-year-old high school cross country runner, since he was 41 and only played basketball.  I got served.  Our official times that year were 1:22:41, and 1:14:07 respectively.  Sophomore year rolls around and again the SOS made our way eastward to Spokane for yet another weekend hosted by the Canaday family.  The shirts that year were gray.

In 2005 I ran it in 1:16:13, and Dad did 1:05:03, officially.  Junior year I got smart and started training about six weeks before the race.  The smack-talk got intense between my Dad and I that year.  I told him I’d run circles around him since I was finally training for it and he was only a basketball player.  We stayed at the Canaday’s again after making the road trip from Seattle.  The shirts that year were orange.  The thing about 2006 which made it better than previous years was the inclusion of the timing chip by Bloomsday officials.  A small chip attached to a velcro strap which must be placed on the right ankle provides much more accurate times.  In previous years the clock would start when the gun went off, but you might be so far back in the pack that it would take a good five or six minutes just to get to the starting line which would throw off your time for the entire race.   Rob finished 2006 with a time of 58:58 and I did 1:03:06.  He even gave me a nice little present for my birthday a week later.  After the cookie decorating, he made up his own words to Jerk It Out by The Ceasars, it went something like this, “It’s easy, when you run with your Dad.  He runs so fast and it makes you so mad.  It’s easy, when you run so far.  And then you lose again.”

Senior year was it though.  I was 21 and it was MY year.  Nearly every day while staying with Aunt Keen and Uncle Mark in Minneapolis I went to the YWCA to run.  I did 8 miles a day multiple days a week to be prepared.  I even got good running shoes and avoided all smack talk in order to rain a surprise attack down on my Dad.  In 2007, the shirts were dark green.  Rob finished in 55:31.  I finished in 1:00:21.

THIS year I knew I was going to beat him.  Dad was sick not to long ago and he said he’d gotten fat so I was pretty sure the odds were in my favor.  Also, this was the first reunion year of the SOS.  In all four years before we’d made the trip out together, but this year Lori and I were already here and the rest of the girls had to make separate trips in.  It was sad to not have the car ride, but wonderful to be together again.  I talked a bit of smack to Dad on Saturday night, but left it at that and tried to get a good night’s sleep.  Yesterday morning I woke up at 6:20 in order to down some coffee and have a BM before the race (sophomore year’s crap attack was no good), and also ran a bit to loosen up.  By 8:30 Dad and I were down at Riverside and Wall where the yellow group starts and waited about 35 minutes until start time.  We learned that the bathrooms in The Plaza never have lines so avoid the Honey Buckets and go straight for The Plaza.  Also, there was some dude last year who ran Bloomsday in 55 minutes, and he’s 82 years old.  Dag.

We finally got to start and mile’s 1 (7:50) and 2 (15:48) flew by for me.  About a quarter of the way into mile 2 I got a major cramp in the gut but was able to run through it.  By mile 3 I was at 24:12 so only a bit off pace.  By mile 4 I had gained ground and was at 31:58.  During mile 4 on the way down to the bridge before Doomsday I kicked hard because I knew Doomsday was going to be killer for me, and I was right.  Dad got a bit ahead of me on the hill and by mile 5 I was at 39:51.  Into West Central at the top of the hill I kicked, caught up to Dad, then wanted to die.  At mile six I had lost serious ground and was at 47:13.  Turning during mile 6 onto Broadway for the last stretch I got a cramp in the back of my right ankle, which has never happened to me before.  It felt like a rock.  Mile 7 was at 55:27.  I wanted so badly to be under an hour so I did my best to suck it up but still couldn’t quite manage the kick at the end I can normally pull out.

When I finished my watch was at 59:23.  Official Bloomsday results say I was at 1:01:01.  Dad’s official time was 1:00:11.  So, believe what you will.  Either way I totally closed that five minute gap between his time and mine.  Every year brings me that much closer to ultimate victory.  The thing that will always set the 2008 race apart from every other Bloomsday is that for the first 6.5 miles, Dad and I ran it together.

Another successful Bloomsday weekend has come and gone.  Only 363 days until we get to do it all again!

May 29th, 2008:  everything is a joke

Literally.  And I don’t mean that in a sarcastic “oh my life is so tragic God must be playing tricks on me” sort of way.

Last weekend I caught the bouquet at the wedding, which was amazing because I’ve been a bridesmaid approximately 4.6 million times and had never caught one before.  So that was pretty funny because my Mom’s all in the back of the room yelling, “Go Rochelle, go ROCHELLLLLLLLE!!”  The encouragement was overwhelming.

Okay but the actual joke happened today.  This afternoon I was sitting at the front desk at work, you know, like I always do because it’s my job… and this dude comes in, heads straight for a chair, and sits down.  I asked if I could help him with anything, and he said “No, you can’t.”  It had been a pretty long day with the phones ringing off the hook and I’ll admit I wasn’t exactly in the mood to put up with another turd so I just let him sit there because I vaguely remember him being an agent on a previous file.  Anyway, after a few minutes of no clients showing up to join this guy I asked him if he was waiting on someone and he said he was, then he asked me if I remembered him.  I lied.  I remember being weirded out by him last time and didn’t want to really have a conversation with him again.  Alas we are not the makers of our own futures.  He said that last time he was in he had longer hair so that’s probably why I didn’t remember him and then he said next time he was single he’d have to remember to keep his hair short to make himself more memorable.  First of all… “next time I’m single”?!?!?!?  Yeah.  Ok, so I didn’t really respond to that and continued to go about opening an order then he spoke again…

“Are you a lesbian?” -him
“Um, no.” -me
“If you are that’s ok, I won’t judge you.” -him
“Well, if I make any huge life changes I’ll be sure to let you know.” -me

I’d be offended if it weren’t for the fact that I’m kind of proud of myself right now.  Liz Lemon had the same assumption made about her in episode 1.03 “Blind Date.”  Also, I was wearing an outfit today very similar to Liz’s in episode 2.08 “Secrets and Lies” when Jack asks her not to dress like a small town lesbian when she attends a dinner party of his.  Tina Fey and I, so similar.  It also provided for some good Thursday afternoon laughs at work.

All in all, a successful day.

June 5th, 2008:  move’d

Here is why today had quite a bit of potential to suck:  Keri’s on vacation this week and Sheila didn’t come in and say funny things to me.  Here is why today did not suck:  Keri commissioned her sister to hang out with me in Keri’s stead, and Danielle had me write her a story involving three characters she sent me pictures of which were a poodle, a fat chipmunk, and a turtle.  It was a good day at work.

In other news I’ve moved from the South Hill to the Northside.  Hardcore.

We got kicked out of our South Hill home when our landlord had to sell it, so now we’re in Jacob’s rental which is pretty great.  It’s a four bedroom house and there are four of us girls living here.  This makes rent significantly less than it was in the other place.  Yay.  I’ll get some pics up very soon, Aunt Keen

More importantly… I bought a Wii last week.  Four days later I have yet to unpack all of my things.  And you know what?  It’ll probably take at least two more weeks before I feel like settling in.  I have to go pro in bowling first, and then become a guitar hero.  It’s not easy being me.  It’s not easy being green either.

June 9th, 2008:  remember that time…

…that Keri called me at 5:36am to tell me she was going to be running late to our 7:00am meeting at The Rocket?  I do.  It was this morning.  Turns out she got there at 6:00.  I got there at 7:00.  Good times were had by all.

Also, it should be noted that I found all the Guitar Hero cheat codes online.  Air Guitar is my favorite.

June 17th, 2008:  what the, what?!

Ok, ok, ok.

So, my new thing is going to the gym w/my Gap boss, right?  Which is pretty cool because she’s pretty cool and I’m never against hanging out with cool people.

Yesterday we had to by-pass the gym because of paper-work issues, and just went for a walk instead.  Which is where I made my first mistake.  Everybody remembers the SNL skit “Appalachian Emergency Room” right?  Well.  We were discussing what happens when you ride a bike for too long and it hurts afterward.  Being the proper and pop-culturally inclined person that I am I said it was called a “cooter bone”.

My other big mistake was last week when I told Alicia (fellow Gapper) that I was named after both of my parents.  Robert + Michelle = Rochelle.  It’s actually very simple math.  Since then Alicia has insisted on calling me “Robert-Michelle” whenever she sees me.  Not so bad.
When  you put these two incidences together, however, you get the nickname “Robert-Michelle Cooter”.

I honestly don’t know what I did to deserve it.

So I’m working tonight, right? in the backroom doing LRT and Famous Dave’s came up in the conversation.  “Tha’s some good eatin’, right Cooter?”  Seriously.  I don’t think I’ll be able to get rid of this one anytime soon.

June 22nd, 2008:  hot summer nights

I love that song.  Lets find it on iTunes…

Done.  Yes.

I had to call my Dad to find out what it was called first.  Whenever I call Rob he’s always saying something funny to Mom, this was their conversation I overheard this time:

Mom: says something funny after Rob says she’s in a bad mood.
Dad: “Sticks and stones may hurt and break me but my bones will too.”
Me: Laughing.
Dad (to Mom): “You know what?  When I go to a movie without you, don’t be mad when I come back.”
Mom: makes a ‘whatever’ symbol with her hand, turns it upside down into an ‘m’ for ‘major’ and then an ‘L’ for ‘Loser’ as if to say… “whatever, major loser.”
Dad:  “She thinks she’s so funny now.  She’s just mad because the cat puked today.  I’m more forgiving because the cat is doing so well in poker.”

Yeah, about that.  You can play poker through some third party application on Facebook now so Dad registered the cat in order to play under more than one name.  The dog is on Facebook too.  You may friend Lucy or Poppy.

I’m off to a soccer game in just a minute.  It’s Bradley’s birthday so I thought I’d go support him.  Also, yesterday was the first time I’d seen Lori in about two weeks so it would be nice to be around her too.  Happy Birthday, Bradley David Belch!  21!

In other news:  Please check out my youtube account, search ‘rochellemaureen’ on youtube and you’ll find it.  I have a new friend, and you’ll she why she’s awesome if you watch the youtube videos.  That means you, Michelle (ha!  which one?!).

June 25th, 2008:  here’s the thing

It’s about 85-infinity degrees in my room right now.  What.  I do not approve.  I got this really tiny fan today though, so I’m pretty stoked about that and am sure it will solve my stuffy-room issues for now.  I just looked over at it and got excited because it’s so cute.  That reminds me…

Things I’ve Bought That I Love:

1.  My new tiny fan.  It’s tiny.
2.  My Dorothy Gale ruby red pumps… which are actually more of a blood red, and they aren’t sparkly… but whatever, I love the Wizard of Oz.  Sue me.  Or… don’t sue me, that’s the opposite of the point I’m trying to make here.
3.  My three jobs.  Which, I guess, is more like they’re buying me… or I’m buying them with my time.  It makes sense in my head.  Try to keep up.
4.  These bermuda shorts I found last fall at Gap Outlet in North Bend for like, $4.99… and then I have my employee discount so they were like $2.50.  Yeah.
5.  Van Halen’s “Hot Summer Nights”.  It was .99 cents on iTunes.
6.  Gas for my car today.  I love it, because it gets me places.  And I’m going places, oh yes, places.
7.  Wii.
7.5.  Wii Fit, when I finally get one.
8.  Dove deodorant.  Where would I be without it?  Honestly.  I’d be nowhere, that’s where.  Because I’d smell like a stink (yes, A stink) and people wouldn’t want to be around me, I’d probably lose my job(s), I’d have nothing to do except sit in front of my computer and not get paid for it, I wouldn’t be able to make rent, Jacob would kick me out, I’d have to go back to the TC’s, I’d be unemployed and living with my parents, and the cycle of gross would continue.  So.  Deodorant, a solid investment.
9.  The Wicked soundtrack.  Yes.  I am still obsessed with it.  Going on 11 months now, that’s a record even for me.  WICKED!

Things Other People Have Bought Me That I Love:

1.  Shuffle.  Zomg, I use it everyday.  SOS, I salute you.
2.  The hooch Aunt Keen just sent me.
3.  Hairspray.  Thanks, Mom!  Even if you aren’t coming this weekend, I guess I still love you.
There are more but I’m falling asleep.
The new Spokane adventures begin tomorrow night… stay tuned for updates.  I can’t tell you now.  I already said, I’m too tired.

June 26th, 2008:  today’s events

Work (duh).
Work out.
Roller Derby practice.

June 27th, 2008:  first things first

First things first:

I have been getting the shaft by the food service industry lately.  The other night they didn’t give me my bean burrito at Taco Bell when I most definitely paid for it, and then today Starbucks didn’t put in any vanilla in my latte.  Who drinks straight up milk and coffee together besides Lori?!  No one!  Here’s the thing… I’ve been trying to be better about getting coffees every morning and eating out all the time for stupid reasons like finances and health because Michele’s all “I only had one coffee this week!” and I’m all, “gah!” but the real reason I shouldn’t pay for all this nonsense is because that is exactly what it is: nonsense.  My life is so hard (Keri would call that manipulative).

Now, I’m not hating on Starbucks or anything because they’re still my friends but I was a barrista for four years, and I have no sympathy for when coffee gets made wrong.  Especially when I’m pulling money out of myself to afford it.  I really want to go off on a rant here.

I’m wearing a new shirt today from, where else?  Peace, love, Gap.

This is the real important message I want to get out through this post:  Go see WALL*E.  I went last night with Meagan and Keri (yes, I have nothing better to do than watch a G movie at 12:00am on a Friday morning).  I can’t go on about it right now because I want certain people to go see it first.  Just know that it was a solid movie and everyone should watch it.

BEFORE the midnight movie though, we went to Marci’s roller derby practice.  Those ladies be skatin’!  Dag.  Roller rinks always smell like 1985 and the 4th grade when it was cool to have your birthday party at one.  I remember the last time I was at a birthday party on wheels… it was 1996, I was 10, and I chased Jordan Knapp around the rink pretending I would kiss him.  It was only fun because he ran away.  I digress… it’s pretty cool to see people actively skating.  I’m not going to lie, I wanted some of those skates because they just look so hardcore.  Anyway, those ladies were intense and they worked hard.  Keri wants to join.

Mike, Mer, and Matt come into town tonight for Hoopfest!  Yay!

June 29th, 2008:  hoopfest 2008

First off, for pictures please go here.

I don’t have many pictures because I took lots of video and aside from missing Michael’s game winning shot, I’m pretty happy with how the others turned out.

What a great weekend.

Friday night my Dad took me out to a place on the Northside called Brooklyn’s before everyone else got here. It was pretty good although I do have to say I like Red Robin’s fries better. Michael, Meridith, Matt, Josh, and Colin showed up at about 10:00pm. We all hung out for a bit then Josh and Colin went to Josh’s cousins house and the rest of us went to sleep so we could be up in time to leave for the guy’s games at 8:30 and 9:00. Saturday morning we all got up around 7:00-ish and the guys headed for downtown while Meridith, Josh, Colin, and I took our time.

Being the smart one I am we parked at work because then we didn’t have to pay, the car was in the shade all day, AND it was pretty close to downtown. So yeah, we were outside in the 90-degree heat from 8:00am until about 3:30pm on Saturday. Rob’s team (team AgWorld in green) lost both of their games. The first game was ok because they had this one dude that made everything he threw at the hoop. The second team sucked because they called “foul” for everything that wasn’t. As Rob put it… “it’s like the seagulls in Nemo only instead of saying ‘mine’ they’re saying ‘foul’.” Jerks.

Michael and Matt’s team won both of their games on Saturday and Michael even scored the game winning shot in one of them. That game was super close, the other team was ahead by one and they only needed one more point to win (first team to 20 wins in Hoopfest), but Michael got it, shot from the 2-point line and sunk it. Cheering ensued. For dinner last night we all ended up going to Twigs and they were NOT helpful, so we went to Prospectors instead which was great fun and our waitress, Pam, was uber-friendly. By the time we were done it was about 8:00-ish, so we headed back to my place and I can’t tell you any more from there because I fell asleep.

Today we headed downtown at about the same time as yesterday, only this time Meridith and I were smart and went to the Starbucks on Division and Buckeye instead of the one downtown. Michael’s team played at 9:00, Lori’s Dad played at 9:30, and Rob played at 10:30. Michael’s team won again, Gordy’s won, and Rob’s lost. Michael’s team didn’t play again until 12:30 so we did our best to survive until Gordy played again at 11:30 (lost).

Finally it was 12:30, Michael’s team won, and we went into Riverpark Square for Subway and AC. The championship game was at 2:45 and we were really hoping they’d win so we could go home and get out of the freaking hot sun. They didn’t. So they played again and we nearly died of heat-exhaustion. The second game had my heart in a knot (I can’t help it! I get emotionally invested in these 3-0n-3 games!). Michael’s team was down by 6 points (12 to 6), but Matt got angry and started driving to the hoop and caught them up. Time ran out, but the other team wasn’t ahead by 2 points so there were two more minutes of play added to the game. The score was 19 to 18, them. The other guy shoots, it goes in and literally rolled out after it was in. My heart stopped. Mattie feeds Michael, he shoots for 2 and swish. Omg we screamed so loud. It’s amazing how exciting Hoopfest can get. Anyway, Michael’s team won their bracket and we all left happy.

Now I’m here updating my blog because I’m just that cool and because I have pictures. Which are on Facebook. Videos to follow.

July 23rd, 2008:  life lessons

In an effort to preserve memories and share valuable lessons I’ve learned within the blogosphere, I’ve decided to post an important bit of information I’ve added to my personal list of do’s and don’t’s.

Before I share exactly what it is I’ve learned this evening, however, I’d like to update all on recent goings on in my life.  First of all, I gave my “two weeks” at KMBI.  I’ll be done by the end of August at the station.  I’m sure on my last weekend there I will have more thoughts to share on this topic, but for now I’ll just leave it at that.  A couple weeks ago-ish I got the new iPhone, add that to the list of things I’ve bought that I love.  I bought tickets to Minneapolis for September, and am in the midst of planning an NY trip with Keri.  Also exciting, Courtney and (hopefully) Michelle will be visiting us sometime in August.  Yay!

Life Lesson #1:  Never BBQ on a glass surface.

July 27th, 2008:  from when I was at work this morning:

Oh man. Gotta write something or I’ll fall asleep. Manning (womanning?) the radio station right now and it was a late Gap night, last night, so keeping the eyelids open is a challenge. In other news, I feel really good about my hair right now. Not sure why. It pretty much looks like crap. Maybe I like it like that.

Know how I know I’m a nerd? I got the wireless internet to work yesterday… without having to call Paul or Rob! Yeah. Pretty proud of myself. And actually, I did call Rob, but that was so I could ask how to make it a secure connection (we don’t need any moochers, unless of course you intend to pay me for it; checks payable to Rochelle M. Hopp)… I’d already gotten the internets to work before I called him though. So yeah, who needs the Geek Squad?! I mean, I wouldn’t be mad if the Nerd herd showed up, but we don’t need any geeks in VW Bugs.

My new favorite thing? iPhone. But seriously, no. Sugarland’s new CD is finally out and I loves it. OMG. I could listen to it all day, and in fact have been listening to it all day. Everyday. Since the 22nd.

Ooo! I just got an email. Meggie must’ve updated her Flickr. ZOMG! They aren’t Megan pics, they’re Aunt Keen pics! So pretty.

Ok, back to Sugarland. Here’s the thing… I love country music. Sorry, Paul. And Keri. Well maybe I lied a little bit because I do NOT like Rascal Flatts. Awful. Doesn’t mean I don’t know words to their songs though. Here’s why I like Sugarland so much:

1. I prefer female voices to male voices, generally speaking. There are, of course, a few exceptions. Jennifer Nettles has one of the most unique voices I’ve ever heard. Loves it.
2. Sugarland first got famous with Baby Girl and Something More. Two songs that aren’t about being in love. And I’ll be honest, I like that because love stinks, yeah yeah. Just kidding. Then, when Enjoy the Ride came out and Settlin’ was the first single off that album, Sugarland once again did not disappoint me with some crappy love song. The rest of the album is all love songs, but that’s okay. I like ‘em. Also, Stay made me cry when I first saw the music video.
3. Pretty much all of their songs end point blank. None of this sustained nonsense that drives me nuts.
4. Kristian Bush is a self-proclaimed nerd. What’s not to like?!?! Computers, mandolins, and cowboy hats. Enough said.
5. Sugarland doesn’t claim to be Christian and then sing a different song (pun!).

Well, there you go. I love Sugarland. Seriously the one band/duo I have liked after every new album release. I’d even go see them in concert, they’re headlining their own tour now! I hate concerts. Life is so hard.

August 7th, 2008:  I hate the @%#$ phone right now (not my iphone, THE phone)

What is the DEAL with my gmail account overflowing with spam about weight loss? Do I look fat to someone out there in cyberspace?!

My new favorite thing is the most recent Hopp family picture. My sister has more of the pictures on her flickr account. I think I’ll even get this one printed out and framed. Loves it.
Ok, so everyone here knows how I get super excited about things and am intensely invested in that one thing until interest wanes and I move on to something more exciting, right? For example, current interests include, but are not limited too: Broadway (Wicked), Nintendo Wii, Sugarland, and sketch comedy. Past interests include (again, not limited too): … who even remembers that sort of thing? This is exactly my point, those things are in the past and I have a new and exciting venture to move on to. I was inspired by Mamma Mia and decided to directly copy it by making a musical of songs all from my favorite band. This will include two of my current obsessions interests: Broadway and country music.

I’ve invited Keri and Stephanie to participate as well. All other entries are welcome. Inquiries about rules of play can be requested at rochelle.maureen@gmail.com. Thank you.

August 11th, 2008:  ahhhhh we totally did it!

OMG we did it. We bought our tickets for NYC. Keri and I, that is.

Here’s the thing: I can’t wait. Turns out I’ve accrued 70.24 hours of vacation time so far this year, and have yet to use any of it… except for those four hours in May when I was dying from some unknown illness most likely caused by some incorrectly prepared food. Food handler’s permit, people. Being the awesome person that I am I’ve already spent a few hours checking out street views of NY on google maps. Does that make me pathetic? No.

I’m not going to lie. I was sorely tempted this weekend to buy the issue of People magazine with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s babies all over it and like three other magazines, but I didn’t because we already discussed in this post how I am not pathetic. Speaking of being at the grocery store (because that’s where I was), Alicia and I went in to get a couple things to eat after our gym session and ended up doing some full-on grocery shopping. It’s never a good idea to go to Safeway when you’re hungry. Pretty sure my Mom told me that years ago, and apparently I did not listen closely enough. Life lesson #742. This town needs a Trader Joes. Who wants to go to Seattle?!?

Speaking of having a great day: I totally am. No idea why. Maybe it was the caffeine. Keri and I meet Monday mornings before work to be Christian and today we shared our testimonies with each other. I think I might post mine on this site somewhere. Also, I had this really great convo with Alicia last night about testimonies and she helped me process because I was totally having writer’s block before. So, thanks Alicia (are you still stalking me?). Oh yeah, and I realized that “testimoney” is one of those Christianese words that some people use and other people don’t necessairly know what the first person is talking about… so anyway, testimoney is like a statement of faith, or more like, how you personally came to be a Christian. My Dad has a really good one. He should write his out or something.

Speaking of my Dad, he crashed while he was wakeboarding and scared the crap out of me even though I wasn’t there. I don’t like it.

I’m still working on my Sugarland musical. I’ll be holding auditions for parts soon.

August 23rd, 2008:  hair cut


Ketra cut my hairs today… er, yesterday… last night.  Whatever.  The POINT is that she cut my hair for me and it’s shorter than it’s been in a long while.  But I loves it!  I’m all, “make me look like this girl!” And Ketra’s all, “…yeah, lemme do this…” * snip snip snip * and WHAM!  Fan-freaking-tastic haircut that I couldn’t have told her I wanted because it’s infinitely better than the picture I had in my head.  Yeah.  Ketra is awesome.  Note to self and everyone else who reads my blog.

THEN Keri comes over and is all “maaaa, I’m going to keep you up all night because I don’t have to work tomorrow because I’m going to see boring old Jack Johnson in concert tomorrow night, maaaa.”  Nerd.  I’ll tell you what though, Keri likes to sing songs and play the guitar.  Sorry, Krina, for having my ‘friend’ over and letting her keep you up all night with her sad, sad songs about life.

This has been the most eventful week of my life (not really) since I moved to Spokane and I can’t even talk about it because that would be rude… so what I’m saying is, Aunt Keen ask me what happened this week and I’ll tell you on the phone.  Michelle:  You already know (both Michelle’s).

I’m out, I have to go to the bathroom.

August 23rd, 2008:  LAME!

Here is why I’m annoyed: (Yes, I am going to write an ‘angry’ post)

Spokane does not have a lot to offer in the way of movie show times. Maybe I want to see Mamma Mia ten years after the fact and maybe I want it to be playing downtown before noon so I only have to pay five dollars to see it. Maybe I’m like that. I don’t know. Just saying.
Let’s see… what else is annoying? (…waiting until October for my favorite show to come back on, duh…)

Well, I forget what else is annoying. Or I don’t care. Either way, moving on: So I got to the station early this morning (as usual) and the guy who does the money matters show was talking about money matters and he was focusing on the economy and stuff.

Now, I’m not one to go off on stuff like this because let’s face it, I’m mostly uninformed because I (sadly or not) care more about where Sugarland is going on their next tour than what is happening around me. I think I’m going to start paying more attention or something. Anyway, money matters guy was talking about the economy and stuff and how people are all freaking about it. He mostly just said we can’t be afraid. When people are scared or worried about the future they don’t make investments, and when they don’t make investments there is less demand, when there is less demand there is less supply, and eventually there is just nothing all because people were scared in the first place. Maybe that’s not what he said. Maybe that’s not what I’m saying. Stop questioning my motives, I already told you I was uninformed.

The POINT of the matter is that people freak out and things go wrong so just suck it up and have some faith that things will be ok. There are lots of scary things going on right now, I’m not gonna lie. Like wars and poverty and people lying about their age at the Olympics… but here’s the thing: There are a lot of good things going on right now too. Like families who love each other, certain people I know who are making a lot less money than they could be because she cares more about kids at a disadvantage than she does about herself, and Kristin Chenoweth coming out with a Christmas album in October. So many good things.

All I really have to say is this: Deal with it. (That was for you, Keri)

August 24th, 2008:  are there any holidays coming up soon?

Seriously.  Are there?  Like, do we get paid to work but not actually work anytime soon?

This is why today is the best day ever:  I went to Starbucks to get a coffee because I may or may not have been up late last night working, working out, and then watching Ellen’s comedy DVD’s.  I don’t know.  It was such a long time ago I have a hard time remembering.  So the POINT is that I should be tired this morning and wanted some coffee to counteract the sleepiness.  I was blasting Sugarland and almost forgot to turn it down before I got to the talking box that takes my order.  That could’ve been embarrassing… I’m not one to say anything about my own voice, but it’s especially unique in the early, early morning.  So I order a coffee (from a voice in a box whose actual body I can’t see, tell me how that’s not faith in action… I knew he’d have coffee at the other end) and drive around the corner NOT hitting the curb this time and whip out the old debit card which has a real classy picture of me on it from senior year of high school, and Starbucks-guy (Taylor, the latte boy?) says, “Oh, don’t worry about it.  Some guy in here just paid for it for you.”  Me: “Seriously?”  Taylor: “Yeah, random act of kindness!”  Me:  “I’m not mad about it.”  The Latte Boy:  “Hehe, so you’re up early…”  Me:  “Yeah, don’t worry about it.”  (Just kidding, I didn’t say that last part.)  So yeah, I got to work in time and it really was some stranger who just paid for my coffee this morning!  Thank you, Starbucks-stranger… you just proved my point from the last post about how there are plenty of good things happening in the world today.  If I hadn’t had the coffee, who knows what sorts of things I’d start broadcasting, I can’t be held responsible for my actions when tired and caffeine-deprived.  Actually, I can… but that isn’t even close to the point I’m trying to make here.

Speaking of cool things… I earned a free Jamba Juice on my next visit!  When I have to do LRT on Saturday nights at the Gap I always swing by Jamba first because it holds you over for awhile.  Side note:  They don’t make Cranberry Craze at the Jamba in Spokane.  I’m pretty excited to work on a Saturday night again.  Which will be awhile… because I’m SO going to see Aunt Keen and Uncle Markie in Minneapolis!!!!  (I do happen to remember there being a Jamba either at or near a World Market in Mpls though, just saying.)

August 31st, 2008:  i heart mpls

Been here a total of 30 hours so far and I’ve got to say… it’s pretty great.

Flew in yesterday, no wait, let’s start at the very beginning, a very good place to start.  I was born in Davenport, Washington at Lincoln Memorial Hospital… no, too far back.  More like, lets start with Friday after work:

Got off work at 5ish, went to the gym with Alicia (because we’re awesome), and called Keri once I got home.  She didn’t answer her phone and I wasn’t feeling funny so I didn’t leave any inappropriate voicemails for her.  Anyway, awhile later Keri and Danielle came over with their wheat thins (what?) and we had a minor party.  When I say “minor” I don’t mean we didn’t have any alcohol, which we didn’t, but more the fact that we were only mildly out of control so it was a minor party.  Mostly we spent the night trying to pick up Keri while she pretended to be dead to see if we could actually carry her to safety in a crisis situation.  I’m glad we practiced that.  So anyway, went to bed around 12ish and woke up at 3:45 but really, 4:15.  Keri and Danielle drove me to the airport, we said an emotional (not at all) goodbye and I headed in to deal with the freaking airline process.  Ten minutes later I was through security and in line to board the plane.
I love Spokane International for that.

So yeah, don’t remember taking off because I was asleep, then woke up to the plane landing… only I was convinced we were crashing and had a mild panic attack before I realized we were just setting down in Seattle so it was ok.  Here is the thing about Sea-Tac:  It’s like a five mile walk from F Gate to S Gate.  Literally.  I had to take a train.  Other than that I don’t hate Sea-Tac.  Got me some Starbucks and waited an hour or so until boarding the flight to Minneapolis.  Yeah.  There were a few misunderstandings about seating arrangements on the plane, but I’m nice so no one freaked out.  Slept most of the flight to the Twin Cities, and only woke up once we were about a half hour from landing.  I almost prefer being shocked awake.  Flying isn’t my thing.

SIDE NOTE!  The RNC is happening in St. Paul this week.  WHAT?!?  Side Note Part 2:  I’m super excited about Sarah Palin for incredibly superficial reasons, and here they are… a. She is a Comm major too.  b.  she’s from my neck of the woods kind of (Sandpoint, so not really at all) c. SNL might have to get Tina Fey back to impersonate her because seriously, WHO looks more like her than her (it makes sense, keep up).  I’d go on but I got bored talking about it.

Right, so Aunt Keen and Uncle Markie picked me up from the airport and we headed back to their house to see the hounds and drop off my crap.  THEN we did my second favorite thing to do when I come here:  We ate food.  My first favorite thing is seeing Aunt Keen and Uncle Markie, of course.  We ate at this place called Common Roots and had these really great grilled cheese sandwiches and Surly beer.  It’s surly because it got made fun of a lot as a child.  What did we do after that?  Oh yeah, Aunt Keen and I went over to her friend Susan’s house to feed the kitties and fishies because Susan is out of town.  Susan has the COOLEST house that has ever lived, er… existed.  I’ll take pictures of it or something.  So we sat around Susan’s for awhile, drinking beers and catching up all while admiring her amazing front yard.  Then we came back to the house and watched Ellen DeGeneres because she’s hilarious, and Uncle Markie made salmon burgers.  Yeah.  I eat so much better here than anywhere else, it’s pretty great.

This morning I slept in for the first time in I don’t know how long.  It only ended up being about eight and a half hours sleep but it was SO good!  Uncle Markie made me a smoothie (yay!  I’ve missed them for a year and a half!) and we all got ready for the greyhound Meet and Greet.  There were 10 houndies at the Meet and Greet today!  See my twitter.  After that we headed over to this place called Sea Salt for lunch which I guess is only really open during the summer months.  Uh-mazing.  Seriously.  I love seafood though, so you don’t have to eat your heart out of you’re not a seafood fan. I’m just saying.

Now we’re back at the house playing StrongBad’s Cool Game for Attractive People on the Wii.  None of us are very great at the snake boxing game.  Uncle Markie keeps telling the game to shut up, which is making me laugh.

“Your cobra style is no match for the way of the drunken five pixel power punch!”

September 3rd, 2008:  musicals are not easy to write

You know in Ellen’s comedy routine on Here and Now when she’s talking about procrastination and how she sits down to write but then realizes she needs to clean her house, but then sees the cat and after 45 minutes of playing with the cat forgets what she had set out to do so she organizes her cd’s by group then a friend calls and talks about how she has such a problem with procrastination so Ellen takes her friend out to lunch to talk about that problem and in the end is no furthur on her original goal of writing than when she began?

None of that happened to me today, I’m just not inspired.

Tina Fey once said to aspiring writers that if you really want to get something accomplished in writing you have to set a deadline for yourself.  I think she might be right.  I did this thing when I was in college where I didn’t write my papers until the night before they were due (usually) and having that “omg I have to get this done now” motivator really helped me accomplish a lot.  I wrote at least three papers in my time at SPU.

Someone make up a realistic deadline for me so I can get my musical done, please.  I really want to finish this so I can send it to Sugarland and have them want to be my best friends.  It’ll happen.  Just like “pshh, it happens.”  I know you want to sing along… or you would if you’d bothered to buy the cd.

I would never succeed as a starving artist.  Here are a few reasons why:  First of all, I’m not an artist and don’t want anyone calling me that.  It’d be a disservice to real artists and rob me of my arsenal of whine topics.  Second, (yes, Toby, second) I suck at starving.  I just can’t do it.  I mean, I’ve been called a lot of things but starving isn’t one of them.  Third… well, I can’t think of a third and that is most likely part of the problem.

Sugarland came out with the second music video from “Love on the Inside” yesterday.  It’s different from all the rest because it has actors in it.  Which threw me at first because I’m like, “well why didn’t they pick me?!”  Then I remembered I live in Washington, not Atlanta, and look nothing like Jennifer Nettles.  Life is so hard.

Seriously, leave me alone so I can get to work!

September 5th, 2008:  one more day, yo!


Sorry, just had to get that out there.  It is true I’ve never stayed here during the winter time… so maybe I should give that a shot before any final decisions are made?  Pfff.  Who even cares!  Aunt Keen and Uncle Markie live here!  And my new best friend Amelia!

So ok, know how Baby Gap has really cute clothes because it’s clothes for babies and anything small and/or miniature is super cute?  Well, we got these pink zip-up hoodies with apples all over them in a little while ago and I immediately thought of Amelia when I saw them.  So I got one for her.  Not before I had IM-ed Jules on my iPhone to find out what size Amelia was though.  Thank you, technology.

So the other night we got to Amelia’s house and she was playing in her new trampoline and I got in to play with her.  The kid is smart.  3 years old and she is extremely articulate, and she’s totally the 3-year-old version of Amy Poehler.  So when Amy Poehler’s new sitcom starts up in the winter, they need to have Amelia playing the kid version of her.  For sure.  Ok, so we’re playing and then it’s time to go eat dinner but before we left the house I’m all, “Hey Amelia, I have something for you, come follow me,” so she did and I handed her the zip-up.  OMG.  Her face.  SO CUTE!  She saw it and this look of awe spread over her face and she slowly took it out of my hands and then hugged it to her.  Precious.  Little kids are cute.  She wore it for a little while that night and we have some great pictures together up on my Facebook.

Now we’re going out to lunchies with Aunt Keen’s co-workers-ish.  Pretty excited about that, not gonna lie.

September 17th, 2008:  now, i don’t want to go off on a rant here…

Is it legit to be tired after two thirteen hour work days and the prospect of a sixteen hour day coming up next?  That’s what I thought.  Thank you.

Ketra’s wedding was last Saturday and it was fantastic!  She was absolutely gorgeous and Andrew was ever so stylish in his J.Crew suit all the way from New York City.  They make a great pair, and I’m very excited for them.  As a result of their wedding and subsequent honeymoon, I have been given the charge of Ned… the cubby kitty who is borderline in love with me.  Each time I go over to their Browne’s apartment Ned cries and cries for Andrew and Ketra to come home, but eventually he calms down and warms up to me.  I love that cat.  Also, he eats a lot.

The wedding was in the Tri-Cities so I got to be home for a bit.  Turns out my old bud Erin Morgan is back and works at Red Robin again!  So good to see her and catch up.  She is also getting married this fall/winter to Kyle (finally!) and they’ll both be living here in Spokane!  Hooray!

Other than those two very exciting events there hasn’t exactly been a lot going on.  Work, work, and work.  Good thing I like my jobs/co-workers otherwise I’d quit and do something better.  Like move to Minneapolis.  Right now.

Tonight Alicia and I hit up another restaurant in an effort to continue our plan to explore restaurants in Spokane.  Twigs two weeks in a row counts.  Tonight we ate at Thai on 1st, which was good but not decorated very well.  Pretty sure when we were at Ross later in the evening that the peeps who run the thai place got all their decorations from the aisles we walked up and down.  Maybe not.  I’m just saying.

More work to be done this week, but the weekend promises to be a fun time.  Deutchesfest in Odessa!  Woot!  I sure hope Grandpa Paul is working the Beer Garden… I could do with some free peanuts and beer.

September 18th 2008:  now I AM going to go off on a rant here

Here are a few things that drive me particularly nuts:

1. People telling me how to do my job who are not my boss and/or co-workers.
-So I’m a receptionist, right?  (Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam) and I basically just answer phones all day.  People call in as if they’re the only client we’ve ever had and that the company didn’t, in some crazy money-making scheme, decide to have multiple clients.  I get calls every so often where some jerk on the other end is all, “now, don’t transfer me so fast” (listen, buddy… I don’t have time to sit here and listen to you freak out about something I can’t possibly help you with… also, we’re a title company that handles houses, NOT cars).  And while this… unpleasant person… is rambling on about all the liens on his property, I’m sweating about all the other calls I’m getting and missing that are probably really nice people who just want me to call in a pick-up or something.

2.  People making your drink wrong at Starbucks.
-Don’t get me wrong, I mostly love the ‘bucks, but I’m not kidding you… if I get one more drink made wrong I am going to start break-dancing at some barista.  I was a barista for four years and have absolutely no sympathy for a coffee drink gone wrong.  It’s not rocket science, people.  Also, who actually knows how hard rocket science is?  Has anyone ever met a rocket scientist?  I sure haven’t.  I’m just saying.

3.  When Keri doesn’t listen to me.
-Like right now.  I’m trying to ask her for a third example of something that bothers you (because it’s a rule to have things in three’s) and all she can do is organize the business cards at the front desk instead of listent to what I’m saying.

Later this evening when I’m super-tired I’m sure I’ll have some sort of revelation about all the things that really bother me, but for now I leave you with this:  Don’t touch me.  I don’t like it.

Septmeber 22nd 2008:  love tv, fear the internet

Third year in the Bier Garten at the ‘Fest!  Proud to say that this year I downed four beers before 2:00pm… then abruptly stopped when I realized I’d be driving home later that evening because apparently we don’t stay the night at Grandpa Paul’s house anymore.  Whatevs.  My only regret(s) is that Meggie wasn’t there and that Uncle Markie and Aunt Keen couldn’t be there either.  2010 is the year though!  We’ll all be there and none of us will have dressed up to be in the kiddie parade.  Although, Kelsie and I did make a great pair of dice… and dwarves… and pioneers…I love Deutchesfest because to me it is a perfect example of Americana.  I guess the whole idea is inherently German, but still… a ton of people gathering in a large barn-like structure, hay covering the floor, lots of beer, live rock n’roll bands, and good food.  How much more American does it get?  Got my free peanuts and beer again this year too!

In other news:  The Emmy’s were on last night.  ooOOO!  Tina Fey basically won everything so I was excited.  I jumped up and down on the couch (sorry, Lori) when Tina Fey won outstanding lead actress in a comedy series.  Seriously.  Ask Krina.  And then again when 30 Rock won best comedy series (two years in a row!).  I was a bit sad to see best actor go to Alec Bladwin instead of Lee Pace, but I got over it fast because 30 Rock is awesome.  Also, there is no way Jean Smart is better than Kristin Chenoweth.  Just no way.  As an act of defiance against the Academy I am going to buy every episode of “Pushing Daisies” on iTunes tonight.  Because that’ll show ‘em.  The best part of the whole show was Don Rickles.  Dude is hilarious.  Kathy Griffin’s “STAND UP!” when they walked out on stage together was great, and his obvious contempt for the teleprompter was even better.  Ahhh, TV.

Ok, no wait, Don Rickles was great… but I just remembered what my actual favorite part was:  Tina Fey’s acceptance speech(es), when she said thank you to her parents for “somehow raising me to have confidence that is disproportionate with my looks and abilities. Well done — that is what all parents should do!”  She’s totally right, btw.

October 16th, 2008:  downsize’d!

I suppose being laid off is as good a time as any to start being regular (ha! …fiber cereal, anyone?) about posting :)  Did I mention I got laid off this morning, I’m so totally a real adult now.  Eat it, teenagers!

In other news:  I went to Seattle a couple weekends ago to celebrate Lori getting married.  We were super classy about it… drinkin’ our ten dollar champagne, ridin’ in a limo.  ooOOO!  LET me tell you this, limo is the only way to travel.  In fact, I will be purchasing one soon with my non-existant paycheck.  If everyone else can run the economy into the ground by spending money they don’t have, then why can’t I?  It’s a legit question.  Think about it.

Something actually exciting instead of depressingly funny: KK and I are going to NY in less than a month.  WHICH was already financed months ago, so no worries there.  I will still be spending exhorbant amounts of money to ride the subway.  Love me them underground trains.  OMG!  And the roasted peanuts.  Honestly, why can’t the hotdog guy at the BOA building here carry roasted peanuts?  It’s not like it’s some magical skill that only the NY street vendors posess.  I’m writing to the City of Spokane about that one.

Ok, well I have to think of what I’m going to wear to work tonight.  Yes, I still have the Gap.  It loves me

October 17th, 2008:  not great

Remember in season one of 30 Rock when Jack is trying to be Liz’s mentor, they’re in the elevator and she’s all, “Oh, ok.  You’re not going to say anything to me because I rejected you as a mentor?  Who cares.  I have a lot of friends I can talk to about my life. (…) And I am not… *turns to see Jack isn’t behind her anymore* …doing great.”  That is kind of what I’m thinking right now.  Also, that is about as emotional as I’ll *ever* get in a public blog.  Thank you very much.

Turns out unemployment is NOT my thing.  Today started out incredibly productive and ended less than exciting.  I got up and met Gary at the gym at 5:45 this morning.  He taught me some great new ab exercises that I’m pretty excited about.  After that I sat with Ketra for a few minutes before she had to go in to work and then I headed back to the house to shower, or sit around and think of something else to do.  Problem is, I did all of that before I normally would’ve been into PNWT for work.  So, instead of calling in pick-ups and answering phones all morning I caught up on my stories.  And by stories I mean TV shows, natch.

This had to be my most favorite episode ever of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia.  Honestly, it was titled “Who Pooped the Bed?”  I mean come on, it doesn’t get any better!  I pinged Aunt Keen about it, because we share a mutual affinity for poopie humor, and then moved on to Kath and Kim.  Kath and Kim is probably the most disappointing thing in my life right now.  Well, aside from being laid off.  I really love Molly Shannon.  She was great in SNL, and played Dilly Balsam perfectly in the “Bitter Sweets” episode of Pushing Daisies. I am more than willing to give it a few more chances though.  Mostly because I have nothing better to do right now.  Also, I am sad to say that The Office continues to decline on my list of favorite TV shows ever.

Speaking of:  I made up my list of top ten favorite TV shows ever.  Except, I could only think of seven that would actually be classified as “favorites” so it’s a top seven list.  Also, you have to take into account that I spent the first 16 years of my life only watching Nickelodeon and PBS because I wasn’t allowed to watch real TV until I decided it was time to start watching real TV.
Top Seven Favorite TV Shows of All Time Since I’ve Been Alive To Watch TV:

1.  30 Rock
2.  Pushing Daisies
3.  Friends
4.  Saturday Night Live
5.  The Office
6.  The Mary Tyler Moore Show
7.  Gilmore Girls

There are all sorts of other shows I have loved (ie: Arrested Development, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, I Love Lucy, Firefly, Dr. Quinn: Medicine Woman, etc.), but the truth is that the seven on my list are the only ones I would be willing to buy on DVD (or blu-ray, or iTunes, whatev) to watch over and over.  There is absolutely no question whatsoever that 30 Rock is above and beyond my favorite TV show that has ever existed.  Liz Lemon is my heroine.  Well, mostly Tina Fey, but also Liz Lemon.  It’s the only show I have all the episodes of, which was easy because there are only two seasons, and the only show to have each individual episode make it to double digit play counts.

I want to be clear though, I don’t just sit around and watch TV.  iTunes has made it possible for me to buy ep’s of my favorite shows and have them constantly playing in the background while I do other things.  Some people like to have music constantly playing, I like to have Tina Fey, Steve Carrell, and Lee Pace monologuing at all times.  It’s a thing.

ANYWAY, after I caught up on all three tv shows this morning (four? maybe?), I met Alicia downtown, we walked around and felt sorry for ourselves (me for the job sitch, and her for the passing of her grandma), and then made our way out to the Valley for some retail therapy.  Thankfully I was able to restrain myself from unnecessary purchases, and only got some seriously awesome sunglasses for like, ten bucks.  Back at the house I sat around, ate some leftover Thai food, and eventually took a nap.  Now I’m awake and talking to myself.  Literally.  Michelle is online but not there so I keep messaging her to be annoying.  I think it’s working.
So much to do, so little time.  Wait.  Strike that, reverse it.

October 20th, 2008:  adding to my list of woes


Fishsticks.  The guy on the neighboring stairmaster at the gym today smelled like fishsticks.  It was the WORST.  I mean really, what self-respecting 50 year old man smells of fishsticks at the gym?  It’s just rude.  I was 15 minutes into a 20 minute stair climbing session when he got onto the one next to me and starting sweating fishsticks.  Gross.  I mean, I’m already tired and about to pass out (yes, I like to try and make myself pass out when at the gym, how else do you know it’s working?!) when he gets on and I nearly die of asphyxiation.   Five minutes of hell, that’s what that was.  I’m just saying.

Guess what I did today that was really exciting?!  Actually, I did two really exciting things today.  First, I bought a case of Diet Coke and it was on SALE.  ooOOO!!!  Second, I watched Sarah Palin on SNL over, and over, and over, and over again.  Ohhhhhh man.  That lifted me right out of my feeling sorry for myself funk.  It was my life’s dream these last couple of months to see Sarah Palin and Tina Fey on SNL at the same time.  My dream came true.  Also, they did MacGruber again and that never ceases to entertain… “MacGruber!  Making life saving inventions out of household materials…”

Ugh, I’m still mad about fishstick man.  Seriously.  I got off the stairmaster and headed for a treadmill, but his fishiness had permeated the entire freaking gym so anywhere I went in the cardio area I could smell it!  That’s when I gave up and tried to do some ab stuff.  Gary killed me the other day.  I’m still sore.  Actually, it was pretty funny.  I sat on the ab machine and sat there straining to do one crunch and couldn’t.  Then I started laughing at myself, which also hurt because real laughers use their abs to laugh, so then I had to laugh even harder, which hurt even more so then I just sat there trying not to laugh but then ended up having to pee really bad.  My life is so hard.  I left the gym semi-defeated, but still giggling to myself.  Then I stopped giggling when I remembered fishstick man.  GROSS!  I’ll probably have nightmares about that tonight.

Know what I didn’t get today?  Chocolate.  That was pretty stupid if you ask me.  I was all the way at Safeway, got the Diet coke but forgot the chocolate.  They even put the chocolate in the check out lanes specifically so you DON’T forget to grab it.  Either that, or they’re trying to make money from temptation. Buuuuut I’m willing to give grocers the benefit of the doubt.  One of these days I’ll make a grocery list before I go to the store.  It’s weird I don’t do that.  I’m kind of one of those people who likes to write things down.  Mostly because I like to admire my own handwriting.

Here is what I’ll never buy at the grocery store again:  fishsticks.

October 20th, 2008:  ooOOO!!!!!

Kristin Chenoweth is going to be on Ellen tomorrow.  Unemployment has it’s benefits.

October 21st, 2008:  another one for the books

Rochelle:  want to get tattoos?
Michelle:  of what?
Rochelle:  not sure
Michelle:  that’s kind of important

Rochelle:  even though I feel like the term “best friend” is stupid, I want you to know that when I’m talking about you like “my friend, Michelle” I usually say “my best friend, Michelle”
Rochelle:  that’s not to say you are stupid
Rochelle:  I’m just saying is all
Michelle:  that makes me smile
11:00 PM
Rochelle:  wellllll good
Michelle:  i feel all mushy inside
Michelle:  also
Michelle:  are you trying to say that you want to get matching tattoos that say “bff michelle” and “bff rochelle”?
Rochelle:  LOL
Rochelle:  no, but that’s a really good idea
Michelle:  or maybe friends forever in the shape of a locket
Michelle:  on our butts
Rochelle:  LOLOL
Rochelle:  best idea evar
Michelle:  lol
Michelle:  we’d be so cute
Rochelle:  then we could moon people
Rochelle:  and it’d be EXTRA hilarious
Michelle:  they would die laughing
Rochelle:  totally!
Michelle:  i might need to tone up a bit before we go through with this most excellent plan
Rochelle:  let’s get fake ones on our butts when you get here
Michelle:  HAHAHAHA
Rochelle:  then moon Amanda as soon as she gets off the plane!
Michelle:  no because yours will look so much better than mine and i will be embarrassed
Rochelle:  oh please
Michelle:  although, that would be the absolute funniest thing ever
Rochelle:  totally!!!
Michelle:  lol GROSS
11:05 PM
Michelle:  do you need to complain about your life for a while or can i bring up a minor (very minor) complaint
Rochelle:  bring it
Michelle:  ok i will
Michelle:  you keep laughing about our butts real quick while i change into pjs and then i will
Rochelle:  hahahahhaha
Rochelle:  ok
Rochelle:  can I post this convo too?
Michelle:  yeah you probably should
Michelle:  the amount of laughing it will invoke is worth the amount of embarrassment it would cause in the case that someone (who? i dunno) saw it that we didn’t expect
Rochelle:  fo shizzle

October 21st, 2008:  with fronds like these

Umm, that’s from Finding Nemo.  Look it up, it’s in the thing.

So, I was talking to Michelle today (one of the many) about life, the universe, and everything.  Not really.  We were talking about my current situation.  By “we” I mean “I”, by “talking” I mean “I was complaining”, and by “situation” I mean “situation”.  It went like this:

Rochelle:  blerg
Rochelle:  I hate making decisions
Rochelle:  not because I think I could make a wrong one
Rochelle:  just because it’s annoying
Michelle:  oh
Michelle:  weird
Rochelle:  I mean, I have nothing to fear
Michelle:  that’s a good attitude
Rochelle:  it’s not like I’d ever get to the point where I’d have to prostitute myself on the street
Rochelle:  I have rich parents
Rochelle:  and we have a good relationship, you know?
Michelle:  funny story
Michelle:  i was going to suggest that
Rochelle:  is that what your job offer really was?
Rochelle:  oh
Rochelle:  haha
Rochelle:  we both win for being funny
Michelle:  lol

Now that I’ve put all that in a post it’s most likely a good idea to clairfy the fact that I don’t expect my parents to pay for my crap.  I’m just saying is all.  I seriously doubt my life would ever get to the point where I’d be dealing to get by.  I’ve just been blessed that way.  Pimpin’ ain’t easy.

October 23rd, 2008:  HERE’S THE THING!


I am going to have the best Halloween costume ever.  It even beats last year’s imagined one.  Mostly because this year’s is topical.  And real.  I’m not telling.  Only because everyone who reads this already knows what I’m doing, and for everyone who just happens upon my blog and DOESN’T know… well it’ll just be a nice little surprise for you now won’t it?!

In other news:  We got these shirts in at work that have this printed on them, “Vote for… (blank)” and we are supposed to fill in the blanks.  Most people wrote relevant things.  I, of course, wrote “Tina Fey” in mine.  Although, I need a better sharpie because the one I used mostly mauled the shirt.  My bad.

Moving on… Alicia called told me I wasn’t witty today.  Actually, she didn’t.  But she did call me random and I fail to see how that is even remotely close to the truth.  She was all “mahhhh, I’m Alicia and I want a blog, mahhhhhh, but I’m not random enough, mahhhhhh, I’m too witty, mahhhhh!”  I hope you read this, Alicia.


So my little sister got a boyfriend.  She put pictures of them on her Flickr.  I don’t know why this is important to mention… oh no wait, I totally remember now.  Because this morning I called her to yell at her for not calling me back last night to tell me all the important details of being “in a relationship” (that’s what Facebook calls it) and I totally woke her up with my call… at 10:00 freaking AM!  But then we talked for a long time and that was awesome.  Our conversation ended with us deciding we need to talk on the phone more.  The whole reason I’m even talking about this is because my sister is great and I wanted everyone to be jealous.  Except, the only people who really read this are Mom and Aunt Keen… who are already sisters so they don’t have to be jealous.  And Michelle, who has a great relationship with her sister and I’m actually trying to copy so really… that was pointless.  Maybe I’m just reminding myself, ok?!  I LOVE MY LITTLE SISTER (who is taller than me)!!!!!

My last thought for right now:  I love SNL.  Weekend Update on Thursdays really makes a Thursday just that much better.  FIX IT!

October 24th, 2008:  baahahahahahaha!

Dude!  Someone totally just called me a nerd on youtube because of my cat video!  This is the best day of my life!!

October 26th, 2008:  working for (on?) the weekend

ok ok ok

So, tonight we worked until about 1-ish (thanks, Michele for the hours… and sorry, MichelLe for not being online to chat), which was great and all only because I now officially know all the words to that freaking vote for love song.  Who even knows who Matt White is?!

More importantly I saw HSM3 today.  To the lay person that’s High School Musical 3.  I am SO glad I did for two reasons:  1. I love Zac Efron, and 2. A ton of little girls came into the store tonight and we raving about it and I got to talk with them about how much we’re all in love with Zac Efron.  Yes, they were 13 and I am 23, but that is neither here nor there.  I want to go see it again.

Know what my life’s biggest problem is right now?  Yes, the weather.  I can never decide what to wear, based on weather.  It can be freezing outside, but then as soon as you’re indoors it’s like 85 and you need a t-shirt again.  That’s the problem I had tonight.  It was WAY too hot to be wearing a sweater at the mall, but I was freezing all day at the house.  Then I was kind of running around a lot while working, so that makes it even hotter, and then you just feel gross.  Yes, the problem is solved with a shower, but still… it’s annoying.  Also annoying, I swear I pulled out half my head in hair after washing it.  It’s probably from all the stress.  That… or maybe because I haven’t brushed my hair in a week and a half.  It’s probably the later.  I never was much of a stress-shedder.

Here is something I’m really thankful for:  My job at the Gap.  Good thing I didn’t quit that one, huh?!  Or I’d really be up the creek… so to speak.  Not literally.

Anyway, this has become sentimental and boring so I’m going to watch Earl or something.

November 3rd, 2008:  mccain and palin, gonna put the nail in coffin of the media elite!

She eats red meat! Shoot a mother-humpin’ moose eight days of the week!

Good grief, I love SNL.  That Amy Poehler rap as Sarah Palin was freaking awesome.  That might have been my favorite thing from the whole presidential craziness.  No.  It’s not.  That first skit in the season premiere with Amy as Hillary and Tina as Sarah was the best.  “Stop saying I have cankles!”  Also, I was seriously impressed with McCain’s performance the other night.  That dude is funny!  Ben Affleck is surprisingly funny as well.

Speaking of SNL, I’m going to be in NY during the next live SNL episode.  We’re so going to try to get in.  And the rest of the time I’ll be hanging out near 30 Rock hoping the show will be filming an outdoor shot.  Wouldn’t that be the greatest?

My final comment for now:  Last Thursday I was dressed as Tina Fey impersonating Sarah Palin, in honor of the season premiere of 30 Rock… also, that’s when I could get Ketra to do my hair.  Here is the picture.  Thanks, Megs!!!

November 19th, 2008:  can’t wait for christmas

Actually, I’m really excited for Thanksgiving too.  In order to have a “good feeling” in our hearts we’re going to help out at the soup kitchen or something.  Maybe it’s the salvation army.  Both.
What have I done recently that’s fun?  I went to the TC’s this past week for a couple days and ate good food and lost to Rob all but once at darts.  Then my arm was really sore.  Still is.  It sounds pathetic that my arm would be sore from darts, but honestly… we played about infinity games and I’m short so I have to aim up at the dartboard and it strains the muscle, okay?!


I LOVE GOING HOME!  My Mom makes me food and washes my clothes and my Dad is all “let’s play games!” and my dog wags her tail.  It’s the greatest ever.  Also, I don’t lay awake at night listening to the neighbors yell at each other and obnoxious teens skateboarding down the street, and there are usually no cop cars outside my Kennewick home.  Weird.


November 21st, 2008:  …leaving my life a stupid rotten mess

Pushing Daisies got the axe.

This just confirms all my beliefs that the only network worth tuning into, is of course NBC.  I have ALWAYS been a loyal fan of the National Broadcasting Company, and rarely stray from channel six.  However, I suppose my fanship of Kristin Chenoweth outweighed my affinity for the network that brought us all “Must See TV,” when I started watching Pushing Daisies on ABC.
Side Note:  I think it’s ironic that Bryan Fuller (writer and creator of Daisies) is one of the original writers of Heroes, an NBC show.

Now they’ve gone and broken my heart.  No more Ned, Chuck, Emerson, Lily, Vivian, and my most favorite of all… Olive.  WHY is it that the ONE show on cable TV that doesn’t include it’s lead characters getting it on every five seconds gets cancelled?!   We never got to see Alfredo come back!!

I’m sorry this is so disjointed.  I’m distraught.  NBC never did this to me.  They let their good shows run for season after season after season.  Friends, Fraiser, Will and Grace… even The Office has made it to five seasons and that crap stopped being funny when Jim started crying (I’m emotional right now).  Don’t get me wrong, NBC and I have had our squabbles… there was the time they stopped being friendly with Apple and I was forced to use other means for re-watching episodes until I could buy seasons on DVD, but they didn’t take away Michael Scott.  30 Rock has had AWFUL ratings for THREE seasons and you don’t see NBC throwing in the towel, now do you?!  They might be in fourth place but they don’t sacrifice quality for ILLITERATE PROGRAMMING.  Again, I’m being irrational.  But I don’t care.  I’m distraught.
Don’t let me down, Jeff Zucker.

…also, I went to New York last week!  It was totally awes and I’ll post more about it later.  With pictures.  We went to 30 Rock.  I want to be a page.

November 24th, 2008:  three things-

One:  My Aunt Keen is the greatest evar.  Deal with it.

Two:  I am so bored right now.

Three:  I would be the best NBC page ever.  Better than Kenneth.  Mostly because I am real and he is not.

Let’s talk about the fact that I went to NY last weekend before this last one.  We flew in on Thursday afternoon/evening, took a cab to Manhattan (yes, I gave the cabbie EXCELLENT directions and we got there without a hitch), hung out with Paul and Kyle all evening, ate Thai food, and eventually fell asleep.  Perfect.  On Friday we thought we’d attempt braving the weather to get SNL tickets, but realized we were way too late on that wagon and went to see Quantum of Solace instead.  I do love that Daniel Craig.  On Saturday we mostly hung out, then we stopped doing that and walked around Times Square while contemplating eating at Olive Garden for the irony, but opted out and got hot dogs in front of 30 Rock instead.  I’m totally Liz Lemon!  Later that night we went to Upright Citizens Brigade and saw freaking Pete from 30 Rock (the show, not the building) perform!!  He was literally three feet away from me!!  After that we got a bunch of wine from Trader Joe’s and played Raving Rabbids on the Wii.


On Sunday we mostly just hung out again, went to Paul’s church in Brooklyn, had lunch at this killer burger place with Paul’s church friends, then headed back to Manhattan to get half-price tickets for a Broadway show.  We totally saw Avenue Q (you may recall the song “What do you do, with a BA in English/It Sucks to be Me” or you may just have read my blog for the last year and a half and already have a pretty good idea of what this musical is about).  We left Paul and Kyle’s place early Monday morning for JFK and managed to get out of town without any problems except that the lady who helped Keri check her bag was in a not so great mood.  Quick break in Salt Lake City, and back in Spokane by 1:00pm.  All in all, an excellent trip.
This is the moral of the story.  I need to be an NBC page.  I got the pin and everything.

I love roasted peanuts.  It’s pretty much the only reason I go to NY.  Should’ve filled my suitcase.
Paul always has to be Mr. Cool.

Stuffing my face with Mochi.  So good.  This was AFTER we ate sushi.  Which is the best food ever in the history of… ever.

This is the odd couple.  They live in Union Square. Ish.

The French really know how to make a video game.  HOURS of entertainment.

Crap.  This is sideways.  Whatever.  Kyle and I dominated that level.

I love really big posters.  And Wicked.  And Kristin Chenoweth.  WHY DID THEY CANCEL DAISIES?!?!?!

Because I know how to take a jumping picture.  Also, they were very excited to be in Times Square.  And that Billy Elliot is going to be on Broadway soon.

Yeah, they’re so spiritual at 30 Rock.  There is TOTALLY a cross in there.  Weird.

So close.  And yet… so very, VERY far away.

It’s so pretty

Best. Hot Dog. EVAR.  …wish I had one right now.

Waiting in line outside UCB while it rained.  Hardcore.  I love Amy Poehler!!

The End.

December 5th, 2008:  blerg

You know what the worst part of my life is?  Cleaning up the mess after stupid choices.  I don’t mean that in a “oh woe is me I made a bad decision and now I’m suffering the consequences” sort of way, I mean it in a “what jerk that I don’t know decided to use my toilet and leave a mess so I have to clean it up” sort of way.  BLERG to you, annonymous toilet user!!

In other news:  I’m moving.  This town has had to deal with me for way too long so I’m packing up my (apparently infinite) things and moving out!  Where?  You ask?  Well here’s the thing:  If you’re reading this you already know and if you are reading this and you don’t already know then get off my site you creepy stalker!  Just kidding.  A nicer way to put it would be this:  I’m sorry, but I don’t give out that sort of informtion on the internet.  Thank you, and have a nice day.
In not so other news:  My family got out our Christmas card very early this year because we are so very proud of ourselves and couldn’t wait two weeks to send it out.  Here is the picture:

And you can click here for the link you’re supposed to follow after receiving the card.

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