some things that happened this weekend

1.  Megan sat on the cat.  The whole cat.
2.  Two hulking African American men asked Staci and me where the strip club was at 7am on Saturday morning.
3.  I cut my nose with a chipped (clean) dinner plate while putting it back in the cupboard.
4.  Everyone went to Korea without me.
5.  My friend Jack, who is 2, is better at dancing to dubstep music than I am.  In fact, he might be better at it than most people.

One thought on “some things that happened this weekend

  1. 1. Poppy Seed is stuck to Megan’s sweater
    2. I don’t actually know about morning porn
    3. They should make special band aides for noses
    4. You, markie and Robbie aren’t going and youre all part of everyone
    5. Hahahahahaha! Cute!!!!! Baby belly!

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