recently, in downtown spokane

This morning, at the end of a painful six-mile run (painful for me because my feet are still bleeding, and painful for Staci because she actually worked out hard yesterday), we paused to discuss our weekend plans before parting ways. While complaining about my impending wisdom-tooth removal situation, a dark green Explorer pulled up next to us and the driver leaned over his co-pilot to ask us where the strip club was.

Here’s the thing: It was approximately 7:00am, this SUV had Oklahoma license plates, and we were standing at the corner of Riverside and… Maple? In other words, no where near East Sprague where they “needed” to be.

“Excuse us, but could you tell us where the strip club is?” -Driver
“Uhhh…” -Staci & Me
“Sprague? Sprague. You need to turn all the way around and head back that way!” -Staci *points opposite direction*
“Yeah, sure, something like that.” -Me
“Other direction? Ok, great thanks!” -Driver and Co-Pilot
“YOU GUYS!!” -Staci *slightly exasperated, also laughing*
“Well, it’s early still!” -Co-Pilot
*laughing* -Staci & Me
*driving away laughing* -Guys in Car

I’m not exactly sure why it being early in the morning is relevant, maybe I’m naive and someone needs to explain it to me. Aunt Keen?

2 thoughts on “recently, in downtown spokane

  1. OMG!!! Hilarious and disgusting.

    Guys wake up with boners, Rochelle. Guys are just horny in the morning, and those are the cold hard facts (pun intended).

    P.S. I won’t be offended if you don’t “approve” this comment.

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