bloomsday 2011

Best year ever?  Yes.

I’m pretty sure that anyone who reads this blog knows exactly how important Bloomsday is to me.  I ran my first Bloomsday seven years ago, unofficially racing my Dad and assuming I’d beat him due to my cross-country background.  NOPE.  For a really flattering picture from that day, click here.

As it turns out, all I needed to do was prepare as if I was running a marathon instead of all this 12k nonsense.  WHO WOULD HAVE THOUGHT??  Three and a half months, 550 miles, and 47 blisters (yes, of course I kept count) later… I finally have a Bloomsday time to be proud of.  AND a Brown number.

…it also helps to run/train with someone who is decidedly faster than you are.  More on that later.  I’m talking about Bloomsday right now, thank you very much.

Actually, I’m pretty much done.  Mom and Dad were here, so were Meridith and Michael, and Megan even ran her first Bloomsday!  Oh, and Meridith helped me self-diagnose a current digestive problem I may or may not have, which was disgustingly hilarious.  The best kind of hilariousness.

It just occurred to me that I’ve been uploading Bloomsday pictures and talking about it like it’s the end of the running road.  Then I remembered:  We have a marathon to run 10 days from now.  WHUCK!

2 thoughts on “bloomsday 2011

  1. Srsly! Great! Post!
    What’s that seed tank jersey thingy? Does it mean that Bloomsday has planted a seed in you? Ich…that came out wrong….

    that’s what she said.

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