p is for plod

Winning a race is pretty epic, right?  Especially when it’s a world-renowned event like the Davenport Pioneer Plod.  Yes, THAT Davenport.  Population 1800, county seat of Lincoln County, home of the Gorillas… I know you know that I know you know what I’m talking about.

Every year, on the third weekend in July, Davenport hosts its Pioneer Days.  I think events kick off on Friday evening, but Saturday morning they put on the Pioneer Plod fun run with either a 5k or 10k option.  Now, there are disputes (mostly amongst my own family members) over who came up with the name for this run.  Some say it was an Uncle, others say a Grandpa… either way it was an Uncle to someone and a Grandpa to someone else.  I’m all for alliteration, but for some reason the word “plod” reminds me of the #2.  They should call it the Pioneer Prance!  Although, actual pioneers probably plodded more than they pranced across the prairie.  WHATever.  The point is that a race happens, and it’s fun!

This year I got Staci to go with me and we totally dominated the 10k, taking 1st and 2nd.  Mostly I just wanted to post about this so I could include pictures to prove that Staci is my friend because it makes me feel awesome and fast.

This guy asked us what “Brown Club” is and I told him, “You know at about mile four when you get that gross feeling right about here?” *points at midriff*  JUST KIDDING.  It’s just cause we were jealous of the Spokane Swifts having their own club so we made up our own based on the fact that we used to meet at Spokane Club for our runs every day, and that I finally stopped being slow and made it into the Brown group for Bloomsday.  Brown Club!

Here’s a slightly blurry one, but it’s only because… we were running so fast… I think-


Then later that day I sat outside for awhile and got this awesome burn on one leg, jealous?


4 thoughts on “p is for plod

  1. PLOP PLOD! Way to go Rochie and Staci!!!

    Btw: she was my friend first. We have the hand farty times to remember.

  2. Yes, hand farty times. Good times. And from the picture, it seems as if I have the Angelina pose down pat. WTF was I doing?????

  3. Well, if I wasn’t so short you’d be able to see me doing the same pose. I’ll try to get taller before next year.

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