two words: michael and christine are in town

I love that Aunt Keen’s best friend from college (and life) will show up in Spokane and she and her husband will call me to hang out.  I love even more that I had an excuse to not clean my apartment on a Saturday night.  AND she reads my blog.  So.  This is for you, Christine:


…also, I think your Dad is hilarious.  Not sure if you heard him, but he told me he’d see me in church.  If I’m sitting near a window.

To sum up:

“Dear Aunt Keen.  These really strange people bought me drinks.  And talked about their private parts.  Hope to see you at Christmas.  Love, Rochelle.”

One thought on “two words: michael and christine are in town

  1. He’s Hughlarious!!!! And brother Bill? Awesome! So glad (and jealous) you got to hang out with the Evans and Whittley!!! I love them. (& you. & the elk)

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