this is my advice

…to Michelle, regarding her life plans.


Dear Michelle,

I think this sounds like a really good idea.

Also, you don’t have to be qualified to make it happen.  I think it’s more of a mind over matter situation.  I mean, obviously you can’t be a dummy and pull off something like this but NEWS FLASH:  you’re not a dummy.  You once told me so yourself.

I like that you have so many details planned out.  I think you should make this your goal and go for it.

Those Invisible Children guys only had degrees from Berkeley and lets he honest, that school gets referenced more for jokes than it does for its academic prowess.  I can’t think of specific examples, but I know its usually regular people who come up with the brilliant ideas and they become un-regular, you know?  You just have to have the idea.

As for losing interest… that happens to everyone.  That’s why divorces happen, and midlife crisis’, and TV.  Everyone loses interest in what they love from time to time.  The point is that you will yourself to come back to it because you knew it was right in the first place.  It’s a strength of character thing, I guess.

Your dream is too specific not to be attempted.  If you were just all, “Ohhh social justice,” and, “Ohhh the environment,” I’d be like, “Shut up Michelle, I’m trying to own slaves while driving my hummer,” but you’re not.

Unfortunately, I’m not any real help because I have no idea how businesses start or who even to ask for advice, but it sounds like you know where to go and who to talk to.  So I’ll just be an encourager or something.  I encourage you to pursue this because these asses ain’t gettin’ any higher (that’s my off-color way of saying we’re old).

I’m going to search wikipedia now and see if I can find out if George Washington had a British accent or not.  Do you think he did?  Kind of ironic, don’t you think?  Sort of like rain on your wedding day.

Love, Rochelle

5 thoughts on “this is my advice

  1. This is very full of Rochelle… in other words, it’s all BS. Just kidding, I love you guys. You make me laugh …when all I need is knife.

  2. I don’t know Michelle but I am so supporting her in whatever she is doing right now. I wanted to say I’m supporting the crap out of her but I’m not sure if that is appropriate and since she doesn’t know me it might sound the opposite of supportive (maybe not since I could pull in the word suppository, ewww). Anyway, go Michelle! Girl power and all that.

  3. I dunno what ‘cha got cooking Michelle, but if you needs some bin’ess startin’ advice, ask yer Uncle Markie. He knows stuff.

    Oh, and super post and advice Rochie Poachie!

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