5 thoughts on “ironman training week 25: THE FINAL COUNTDOWN

  1. This was really cute…and sweet….but totally late, as I already know you finished and yet you keep saying it’s 6 days from now…hope you’re posting tomorrow!!! And I hope everyone recorded you and posts on FB so I can see that too!!!

    Congratulations again! And don’t stop the videos, as I really like them :)

  2. Bummer I can’t delete that last comment, as upon further review, I see that you have NOT competed yet, but that you put up a picture of last years finish, leading me to believe that you were done.

    Good Luck!!!!!!!!! (hope no one else sees my comment…..)

  3. Good luck stud girl. Go rock that race. You’ve worked hard enough!!! I will be there with bells on sister Sue. I can’t wait to see you. Please don’t stop the videos. You can just have a stream of consciousness and I’m fine with that. They are hilarious. ;)

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