race for the cure

It’s 4:15am the day after Race for the Cure, and all I’m trying to do is the number two.  I have faith it’ll happen by the time we go run hills.

I wish I’d had a camera with me yesterday because there were some pretty great boob shirts in that mass of people, but if I posted such pictures that might get my blog into a different category of Google searches.

It occurs to me how people feel about watching cross-country races, so I’ll keep this post short and spare people the mile by mile details.  Basically, I ran my fastest 5k since high school yesterday morning and only two little girls beat me.  One of them fell at mile two and somehow managed to pop back up and STILL beat me.  WHAT!  Better yet?  Staci and I tried to move away from them at the beginning of the race so we wouldn’t see them get trampled, or be part of the trampling that was obviously going to happen.  Little tricksters.  Seriously, they were like 10 and 13 years old.  It said so on the results website.

Just for clarity:  Staci beat them, I did not.  Whatever, still ran fast and TOTALLY QUALIFIED FOR BLOOMSDAY SECOND SEED!

If you’re a lady, in order to qualify for the brown group at Bloomsday you have to run under 22:30 at Race for the Cure or any other qualifying 5k.  I’ve been trying to do this for like, 100 years.  Thankfully, this year I have Staci making me feel like I’m going to die three or four times a week which naturally makes me run faster.  WORTH IT!

Well, time to go get killed on hills.  In case anyone was wondering, I went right after I typed that sentence about the number two.  Turns out all I had to do was talk about it to get things moving along.  That, and drink some coffee.  You’re welcome.