ironman training week 18: BLOOOOOOMSDAY!

Some other things that happened this week:

I rode Fish Lake with Michelle, and when I had to take a pee break I was attacked by a fallen tree… probably because I was urinating on sacred ground and the wood elves who guard that realm were displeased.

Also I re-watched The Desolation of Smaug so… yeah.

On Saturday we rode our bikes UP Charles Road, because riding massive hills the day before Bloomsday is a really good idea.  But hey, at least it wasn’t raining or snowing (I’m glaring at you, Lilac Century Ride).

Happy training!

is that what it’s about?


My personal philosophy as far as triathlon is concerned has always been a little more like…

“Triathlon – It’s not about pooping your pants. It’s about pooping your pants in front of a large crowd and pretending it didn’t happen.”  “…or peeing.”