2012: a not so comprehensive review. the “i’m lazy” edition.

So this morning I flashed most of the YMCA patrons in the pool and on the overlooking treadmills.  After adjusting myself and muttering “you’re welcome” to everyone, I got back to swimming my 50’s and 100’s.  Wardrobe malfunction aside, it was probably a good way to end 2012 and totally capitalized on my “personal growth” plans for the year… even though “be less of a prude” wasn’t technically on my list of resolutions.

Speaking of, here is my list of resolutions for 2012:


In case anyone was thinking to themselves that they might try to steal $2400 from me, don’t even worry about it.  It’s all gone to car maintenance and teeth maintenance over the year.  I would have had my wisdom teeth removed but needed a couple crowns and fillings done, plus I’m really paranoid about going under and will be avoiding it again until Ironman is done.

Physically, the thing I’m most proud of accomplishing this year is learning to swim in open water.  Aside from the four triathlons, there were MANY practice swims and mini-tri’s with Team Blaze during the warm-ish months.  Medical Lake is disgusting, Coeur d’Alene is beautiful, and the Columbia moves pretty fast (best to swim downstream!).  I know I’ve said it before, but open water terrifies me.  Who even knows what’s living down there?!  I DO.  I’ve seen The Little Mermaid andPirates of the Caribbean.  I’m no fool.  In about four months I’ll have to re-acclimate to outdoor swimming, and I’m not really looking forward to it, but it’s nice to know it’s been done before.  Precedent.

3,861.42 miles in just under 370 hours this year.  2013 Goal:  Over 5k.  WOOOOO!!!

Now, lets look at some of my favorite photos from 2012:

wunderwoman - team blaze 20127640832990_ccf0e04c75_b7582180750_f5f0ab6171_b0179_04493616646_348827115192220_1057249817_o463200_4008226572103_1474364829_33391495_52637412_oIMG_4100IMG_39308033989176_582125e8c5_bIMG_4138tegan&sarayay!!!!

IMG_4085IMG_4224IMG_4251IMG_4303Happy New Year, EVERYONE!



voice gone, very proud of it

On Tuesday I lost my voice at a Tegan & Sara show (WORTH. IT.) then spent all day yesterday laughing and making obnoxious noises because it sounded so hilarious. Today I am paying for all my hilarity with a dramatic dose of the “blergs” because my throat is burning like Icy Hot on your armpit and my head feels like it’s still in the pool at the Y while the rest of me is on dry land.

Speaking of… we started official Ironman preparation this week! By “we” I mean myself and my new best friend Annie (who happens to be a professional triathlete and my new coach). Every time I start to feel a little sick I immediately go for a run because it usually makes me feel better. Or a ride, as the case may be. This morning I assumed that like with all minor illnesses I incur, exercise would fix it and went ahead with my swim plans. WRONG. Now not only do my throat and head feel the righteous sting of overexertion, but my ears have water in them. The plus side of this is that it sounds like I’m at the ocean everywhere I go today.

While sitting at work today waiting for my head to explode and invoices to print, my boss surprised me by running in from his lunch break, throwing some Ricolas on my desk on his way to the break room, then coming back to my desk five minutes later with this:

What a guy!  Thanks, Dan Dan the Party Man.

Now I’m at home “sleeping” (apparently that hot tea had caffeine in it) watching Tegan & Sara YouTube videos.

response not needed

from:  Rochelle
to:  Keri
date: mon, dec 3, 2012 @ 7:01am

So, how was your weekend?

This is how mine went-

5:00am, wake up, drink coffee, watch Glee.
7:00am, meet Staci at Club for 10.5 mile run.
8:30am, come home, take shower.
9:00am, start laundry, finish two loads while watching 30 Rock and half-heartedly cleaning my apartment, dealing with intestinal issues all morning.
11:59am, text Melissa to confirm luncheon meeting at LifeCenter church (free tickets).
12:00pm, find out it starts at 1, not 1:30, begin panic and start to get ready, stuff face with top ramen.
12:45pm, leave house for LifeCenter.
1:00pm, meet Bangs, Melissa and Rubes at LifeCenter.
1:01pm, realize that GI issues I’ve been having all morning are not going away, this is going to be a very long time away from a toilet.
1:02pm-2:00pm, eat desserts at LifeCenter, use bathroom three times, destroy it, leave early with friends because said event is super boring.
2:10pm, at home, Mom shows up.
2:11pm, realize I’ll never get a nap and my stomach will continue to cause disturbances all day.
3:00pm, go to Valley mall with Mom to shop for Dad’s Christmas presents, found excellent things.
3:30pm, bought stuff for myself at Forever 21.  Win.
4:30pm, head back home, drink tea with Mom.
5:45pm, go downtown with Mom, Kayla and non-sister Megan to meet other smallgroupies to see all the trees at the Davenport.
7:00pm, dinner at Ciao Mambo which was actually really good.
9:30pm, go home, drink wine and tell mom about life problems until she falls asleep not listening to me.
11:45pm, probably fell asleep.

7:00am, wake up, drink coffee.
7:30am, watch 30 Rock with mom.
8:00am, get dressed, have Mom braid hair.  (fishtail, way cute)
8:45am, leave to meet accounting group (mom had coffee at Tully’s with Leslie all morning)
9:00am, get awesome drink at sbux with Bangs, meet Shelbo Baggins at Ultimate Bagel.
9:00-10:45am, discuss how awesome we are.
10:46am, go back to sbux to get drink for Melissa ‘cause she overslept.
11:00am, send too many texts to mom asking where she is.  she never came to church.  heathen.
12:30pm, church is over, mom is still at coffee with Leslie
1:00pm, met mom and Leslie at Tully’s, went to Elk for lunch
3:00pm, mom and Leslie go shopping, I ride my bike.
3:15pm, very sweaty.
3:25pm, even more sweaty.
3:50pm, off trainer, drowned in own sweat, very gross.
4:00pm, mom is back, grabs her stuff, leaves.
4:01pm, I am sad and bored.
6:00pm, go to Trader Joes with Kayla.  buy awesome things.
7:00pm, make popcorn, eat incredibly expensive grapes, watch “wet hot american summer” again.  third time in 72 hours.
7:01pm-9:30pm, harass friends via text, fill out passport application, stuff face.
9:30pm, crawl into bed.
9:31pm, so boring.
10:00pm, pretty sure I was asleep.

4:15am, wake up, drink coffee.
4:50am, leave for YMCA
5:05-5:50am, run 5.51 miles, very happy (but not very fast, oh well)
6:00am, shower, get dressed, watch 30 Rock
6:45am, go to work
7:00am, at work.
7:01am, email Keri

update for the sake of updating


It’s been approximately four point six billion years since I last updated my blog.  Fail.

This is what has happened in the last two weeks:  I ran a marathon, then I died.  Mentally.  Also, have been watching a lot of K-dramas lately on account of my parents and sister are a terrible influence on my life.  Kim Joo Won and Gil Ra Im better get together soon.

Seriously though, I ran the Tri-Cities Marathon last Sunday and it took me forever.  3:55:20.  Technically I should be able to run a sub 3:30 marathon, but I think that might be the sort of thing one actually trains for instead of just paying the fee and showing up race morning, hoping not to break anything.  Still.  I finished and added another medal to my secret closet shrine of race swag.

I’m feeling very blah lately when it comes to anything training related.  Sometimes it just gets old.  Or maybe I’M getting old!

Here is what’s really important though:  I’ve been sucked into the world of Korean soap operas.  They’re incredible.  I think my reading comprehension is going up too because of all these subtitles I have to follow.  Anyway.  Secret Garden is the best and I’m almost done with it.  Kim Joo Won is so great.  SO GREAT!  The actor who plays him is due to be discharged from the military sometime in December, just before Megan comes back to the States.  I hope she gets to meet him.  MEGAN, MARRY THAT GUY!  Thank you

Ok, that’s pretty much all I have to say right now.  I’ll try to start living a more interesting life so I have better things to report.

i drink a lot of coffee

from: keri dupey
to: rochelle hopp
date: friday, sept 21st, 2012 @ 9:07am
subject: RE: re:

Anyway – this morning I got a notification that my inbox is full, so that’s my cue to save all of our emails to a PDF (there were about 500 that weren’t saved) so I scanned through a few of our old ones. We were definitely funnier back when we were younger!  Not the point – my point is: Someday when I’m really bored I’m going to sort through all of my old emails with you and count how many times you’ve told me that you need to use the potty. It’s an astronomical amount.

so affirming

Shelbs:  “So, what’s new in your life?  How are things going?”

Rochelle:  “Well, I don’t really do anything.  My life is very boring, I am very boring.”

Shelbs:  “No, that’s not true.”

Rochelle:  “I’m pretty sure it is!”

Shelbs:  “Rochelle.  What was your GPA in college, again?”

Rochelle:  “Uhh, bad?  It was like a 3.2 or something.”

Shelbs:  “Exactly.  I had a 3.98, so I’m smarter than you and I say you’re not boring.  Just listen to me.”


I just love Justin Bieber so much that I want to hug him and tell him what a good kid he is.

Then he does stuff like this and I want to punch him for being an 18-year-old male with too much money:


But then there’s that cute little smile at the end again.  Ugh, Justin Bieber… I love you so much.