bloomsday week, 2014

Bloomsday is happening next Sunday, and I’m already an emotional wreck because of it. There is no special significance associated with this year’s Bloomsday, I don’t have shingles and I’m not racing my Dad, but it’s still Bloomsday and that means business. Venting this year’s anxieties to my coach, this is the response I get:

Rochelle: I just got so nervous for Bloomsday!
Annie: Ahhh! You can do it. With Bloomsday I really think that if you race snart in the first couple of miles you can have a good race.
Annie: Smart*
Rochelle: Snart, like a sneeze and a fart combined.
Rochelle: So like, just don’t start too fast?
Annie: You have strong legs from all the riding you’ve done and you’re in great aerobic shape. So just hold back a little until you start the first uphill at Latah Creek.
Rochelle: Got it.
Annie: Then stay smooth and strong till the water stop at SFCC. Feel like you’re using that flat and the downhill to get ready for Doomsday. Then see who you can pass!
Rochelle: I love Doomsday Hill.
Annie: At the top, tell yourself that you’ll be recovered by the time you make the turn. Then be smooth and tough till the end.
Annie: And no snarting, that will just slow you down!

New Bloomsday 2014 Goal: No snarting.


I have this friend who is running 22 marathons this year.  That’s 576.4 miles of racing, not to mention all the miles that go into training too.  I’d call her crazy but I actually think it’s pretty awesome, and if your legs can handle that amount of miles without injury then more power to you.

I, on the other hand, am sticking with one marathon this year and it’s mostly because I’ll get a medal (assuming I finish).  Last Sunday, Staci and Ellen made it easy for me to trick myself into running what added up to a marathon.  And all I can say is, “woof.”